It’s About To Get Colorful Here

The bird migration is upon us here in the Northeast section of the United States and all who left us in autumn will begin to grace our yards once again just as flowers begin to open and leaves unfurl.

Male Northern Cardinal in NH

As I rested from removing and replanting all of my Rugosa Roses from beside my back door or should I say I tried to get all of their roots out I sat down by the river and watched as well as listened to the birds who call my place home. There was a lot of activity as they know spring arrivals are so close by all vying for food and nesting areas to raise their young.

A pretty Male who comes to my back door each morning with his female was doing what ducks should do.

Male Mallard Duck in a NH Stream
Male Mallard Duck

Then along with all this activity there are the Eastern Blue Birds who are nesting here as well but have decided they love my area of NH and now remain here all year which is why I invested in 2 feeders to keep Starlings out of the expensive feed.

Female Eastern Bluebird

The Turkey are still here and Doves and Woodpeckers of every size and color as well as Grackles, Red Wing Black Birds and Sparrows and Finches as well as Warblers and Wrens and Flycatchers and Phoebes you get the idea it is LOUD here 🙂

dirt baths
Female Turkey taking dirt baths

Time for 2nd cup of coffee answer some emails and get my tomatoes out into the greenhouse before it begins to pour out seems this week we may receive enough rain to end our dry spell.

Have a great day and stay safe!

16 thoughts on “It’s About To Get Colorful Here

  1. Hi Eunice, Well the Turkey’s seem to be enjoying their dirt bath. You certainly have a lovely variety of colourful birds around your yard. I have never heard of a red winged black bird before. Just the blackbird who’s song I particularly like. Thanks for the lovely photo’s of your friends ‘the birds” Take care and be happy and safe.

    1. Hi Rita I am now doing posts as Podcasts and soon in my own voice 🙂 I will have to describe the scenes a little better and then send them to my blog for the photos. Figueres they chose to tear up the area with my pretty bulbs in bloom 🙂

      Our blackbirds have stripes of color on their wings well the boys do the females are pretty just not showy like the males.

      Have an awesome day stay healthy xo

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