My Work Horses

Yes the wild turkey help to make my place bug free if I do not offer them too many snacks that is.

Tom Turkey

I have a pretty female sticking around after the boy above went on his way maybe I
will see chicks soon enough.

Wish I knew if these comments were for me.

He is the leader though not the biggest size wise just yet. Here he is large and in charge towards his group who pay him no mind so maybe he was talking to me.

Coloring in his face area change constantly
A real beauty in my eyes

Have a great day!

19 thoughts on “My Work Horses

    1. 🙂 they are kind of funky and yet have grown on me. Others get chased and attacked by them but those who visit me are grateful for the natural setting so no issues yet.

      1. Well Eunice, despite the fact that the number of cases are rising, also deaths each day, I can’t understand why they are opening up to tourists from most countries,it’s beyond me. Except of course the economy is suffering, as are all other countries. It is thought that Greece is losing control. However, we just have to wait and see and grin and bear it. Hope all is well with you Eunice,take care and stay safe.

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