Busy Bee

So very busy of late getting those 200 Pansy bowls into the hands of our supporters here in Epping NH USA now for my own garden.

I also had 5 yds. of organic compost along with 5 yds. of super soil delivered and set about mixing it up and adding it into my 5 new raised beds and my other ones I moved to the new area.

Now I need to add some fencing to keep the rodents out and this guy. Well he can
eat all the bad bugs.

Beautiful Tom Turkey

I also designed more new clothes and accessories here. Some pretty Pink and Orange pieces to go with my others.


We also got our shots today at the New Hampshire International Speedway, along with our Governor. We had the Johnson and Johnson (Jenson) one shot each so we are done. Masks will be worn when out with others but in 10 days my hope is we can get no one sick but who knows with this COVID virus so much misinformation along with not enough real information.

Take care everyone

11 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. Hi Eunice, first of all, I am so glad you have had your vaccine’s and I agree about all the misinformation. I think it’s best we all use our own brains and protect ourselves as we were informed i.e. masks , stay home as much as possible and distance,it doesn’t seem so hard but some people just won’t follow the rules for their own safety. Your garden is going to look wonderful and so rewarding after all that work. I hope you are going to take some rest in between. Take care and have a great week ahead.

  2. Keeping busy as busy bee is good. I think you can feel happy when you are done working.

    Congratulations for getting your shots and I admire your goal to help not getting someone else sick!

    1. Hands in the dirt keep gardeners happy 🙂 I have already planted beets, carrots, watermelon radishes, different lettuces and kale and chard now they say maybe snow Thursday into Friday my seeds will love the free moisture.

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