Pansies Arrive Soon

Epping Garden Club Civic Beautification Fundraiser

You go from a slow roll into a frenzy of activity when you are involved with projects
you are passionate about.

For the last month and a half we have been taking paid orders for what has become our most popular fundraiser of the year. We have 8 self-watering 2’x2′ containers
we fill with seasonal plants to make the town look better. They cost about 100.00 each and they will all need a new bag of soil and three gallons of water initially to get them off to a good start.

The Pansies were so popular we have just under 200 bowls arriving on Friday for our supporters to pick up at 9 AM. Our club is very tiny maybe a total of 5 or 6 members at this point but just enough to care for our town projects just not enough to do all we would like for our community.

Today we are also busy as a few of us in the group also support our library and we need to do the “smother method” on the rear of the building. We will lay large amounts of cardboard(biodegradable) over the weeds and lawn area then a truck will arrive at 10 AM with raw wood chips, right not the dyed stuff, and we will have others hopefully join us with their rakes to spread this out over the cardboard so we can then begin to bring in the raised beds and containers for our teaching garden.

Three of us took a ride, masked of course, up to Gardener’s Supply Company here in NH. We all shop the catalogue but stepping into their store was even better. We were a bit early to see all the raised bed ideas as their weather 140 miles further north has not been as nice as our of late. So we bought houseplants and seeds for our own gardens and will shop the catalogue and have them ship us all we will need.

The gardens at the Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library in Epping NH USA will be an ongoing project for all involved so stay tuned. The Epping Garden Club also has a Facebook page where we will add photos as these projects continue.

I will then focus on my land and gardens and these beauties who will bring me their little ones all summer long.

Easter Bluebird

Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “Pansies Arrive Soon

  1. Applause to you mighty ladies in Epping for all that you do to make your community beautiful. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I didn’t know there was a NH Garden Supply Store so thank you for that tidbit. Also, thank you for that gorgeous photo. He’s beautiful. Could I post him on our SC MG Instagram page tomorrow with full credit to you?

  2. Such a wonderful project go keep your town looking pretty. And making a garden at the library is a great idea too. Look forward to photos of the pansies and those raised beds too. Love the bluebird photo. Glad you are keeping busy and cheerful Eunice. Wishing you all the best and loads of spring sunshine! ☀️☀️☀️🤗☀️☀️☀️

    1. Thank you friend ❤ I seem to be a sprinter, work like crazy then rest these old bones 🙂
      We received much need rain after we put our rakes away and this morning it is still raining which is good as we are forecast to see very little in the next 6 days. Once the truck arrives and all the Pansies have gone home with happy supporters we will plant up our 8 containers then set about filling the 2 raised beds the garden club donated to our library project and plant them up as we look for other ideas for container gardens and fill the space. Hope all is well on your side of the world.

      1. I am fine, as long as the garden centres stay open! 😉 We are still not allowed to meet more than one other household, so we are just living our lives and trying to remain optimistic. 🤗

  3. Great you are keeping busy and fit by the sound of it Eunice. I too love pansies for their cheerful little faces,they always seem to be smiling. Your Bluebird is gorgeous,I wish we had more colourful birds here on Crete,maybe they are on the other end of the island.However, I do like to see our graceful Buzzard flying above the mountains. Take care and enjoy the wonderful work you do for your community.

    1. Busy yes but morbidly obese they say but working on that issue daily 🙂 Thanks we have so many pretty birds and grateful for them and the ability to share them with everyone.
      Stay well I will be in touch!

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