Getting Ready To Plant

Added 5 more raised beds to my new garden area

I have been busy hauling off cut up trees dropped by the beavers and branches all over the yard from the relentless winds. The trees will be used in our fire pit one of which is Cherry which beavers just killed and left for me to clean up. Yes you can tell I am not a fan.

I then had several fires to burn the small stuff and will use the wood ash around my
Rhododendrons. also much of it was sent back into the soil with the heavy rains that came through overnight.

I have my tomato, peppers and celery seeds started under lights in the house so far so good. In the raised beds I added onions and leeks in with the garlic I placed in the box last fall. This week I added my peas. Next week spinach will go in outside as well as other cool crops. You go from doing nothing to never having a moment to collect your thoughts.

Also our garden clubs spring fundraiser was wonderful, we have 190 bowls of pansies arriving on April 2nd to pass out to our happy supporters. Then we have 4 areas to clean up in town adding our white self-watering containers then adding a bowl of pretty pansies in each of them until we swap them out in late May for heat loving varieties.

I also need 2 surgeries sooner than later, so I will be trying to get it all done before they schedule me. I am ok with them doing them mid July so I can convalesce in the yard picking fresh food and cooking on the grill. I will paint outside and of course take rides and lots of photos to keep me happy. Hand surgery is on my left one so that is one blessing.

Here is a new arrival a sweet little female Cowbird who adds her eggs into someone else’s nest for them to raise, she never sees her offspring it is natures way but I can tell you from my point of view not an easy one.

Well now to read more of your posts where I hope you are all well and doing the best you can during these trying times.

15 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Plant

  1. That is a lot of work to me. I think if you plan it well and do it with your on pace that actually can be enjoyable process and of course as you mentioned you can enjoy the result later on. Good luck with your plan and the surgeries!

    1. Thanks so much, yes the raised beds make it a breeze as does the tractor. Just waiting for mud season to pass to have soil delivered for the 5 new ones. Maybe where my old garden was I can try a giant pumpkin 🙂 Hope you are well.

  2. You needed a disclaimer at the top because I took a quick look and thought you had coffins lined up. 🙂 Okay, raised beds – much better. 🙂 You certainly are busy even without the beavers lining up jobs for you. I wish we lived closer I have a tank I use as a raised bed I need to move, and that tractor would sure make quick work of it. Good luck with your surgeries, hope they go well, and you recover quickly.

    1. Thanks so much you are close if I had a trailer to haul her with 🙂

      Yes I had 10 delivered wonder how the tongues wagged in my neighborhood 🙂

      Took a ride to Ipswich MA to Wolf Hill Home and Garden shop and bought some fingerlings for each chunk I can end up with 40 potatoes in a good growing season. I will grow some in bags, buckets and hills 🙂 I want to try a Giant Pumpkin as I have the space until the high tunnel arrives and is put up 🙂

  3. Oh my word you have been busy planting and doing all the necessary of creating a wonderful self sufficient garden,makes me feel quite guilty of late because of leaving gardening all to John while I get on with my studies, however he says it prevents him from getting bored during lock down. So with all that work you have been concentrating on how on earth did you find time to go through my blog and leave all those lovely likes on my posts for which I thank you very much Eunice. Hope all goes well with your surgeries,stay safe and we will look forward to hearing your GOOD results.

  4. You are ahead of me with the planting Eunice! And those raised beds look great. 😃 Good luck with all the plans and the surgery of course. Take care. 🤗

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