Well Below Zero With The Wind Chill

No one here in New England got much sleep last night I bet with the winds ripping through our towns knocking down not only trees but taking wires for electricity with them. We kept ours though I swear I do not know how. All night this house was slammed by 50 to 60+ MPH winds.

I woke to find one suet cage gone and dishes in my Bluebird feeders missing as well. Seed blown clear out of the feeders that hang up high. The hot tub I run for them was frozen all but the very center, the size of a golf ball they could get fresh water from.

I should have shot a video of our poor trees doing all they could to remain standing. Birds came but were blown sideways and off the limbs of their favorite tree and from the feeders I went out to refill. I finally gave up and scattered food all over the ground for them to fend for themselves and even chipmunks surfaced for a handout.

Fresh soup was made when I came in frozen from my attempts

After my nutritional class on Zoom tonight I heated up one cup of this Kale, Black Bean, Carrot, Mushroom, Fingerling Potatoes(just a few), onions, garlic, a small piece of kielbasa sliced into thin pieces were all simmered in a organic veg. broth and I have to say besides being good for me it was so good. (photo lousy and yes beans were black Ha Ha )

Female Eastern Bluebird puffed up to hold in her warmth.

I swore today with this continuing wind, which is becoming an aggravating weather issue, things would be different for the wildlife here come summer. I will be adding wind breaks and areas to hang feeders in a more sheltered type of place. I know you can’t control mother nature but I will slow her up a bit here at my place.

I pray they hold off on nesting a week or two.
He seems to pray right along with me for his meal to stay put.

OK enough of me complaining about the weather I know it could be worse but I have driven through hurricanes in my rig that were much kinder lol man I should have shot a video but it was too cold.

Take care of yourselves.

24 thoughts on “Well Below Zero With The Wind Chill

  1. It was a real rip snorter last night for sure! Lost power around midnight, but not for long, thankfully. Lots of windfall sticks for kindling. 🙂

    1. I am glad you are safe. Now it was nothing like TX went through and their poor people with so much loss and destruction but still as I sip my decaf and watch my now 11 squirrels along with birds just waking(6:18) they are most grateful for the fresh water and food ❤

  2. Oh, you so talented YOU! Your photos, your artwork, and of course it fits that you can cook. Creativity is grace in action. Stay well my friend.

  3. Hi Eunice,I thought that the winds here in Crete were strong but it sounds like you had a really bad one. The poor birds were suffering being blown all over the place but thanks to you,they have feed and shelter, no wonder they love you and, you take such lovely photo’s of them. Stay safe and don’t go getting blown over yourself.

    1. 🙂 I love watching the weather map and making my own predictions but now I am wondering what is going on for so many of these events to be happening. Sad you have to deal with these wind currents as well. Back here in the States we have the State of IL with it’s major city Chicago that is known as the windy city 🙂 I for one would not blame them 🙂

      It must come down from Siberia or the Artic Circle maybe even Canada who ever is the cause I wish they would knock it off lol

  4. Glad no serious damage was done by the storm Eunice. The poor birds, but they are sure of a good meal at your place. (And your soup ingredients look good too!) 😉

    1. Thanks Cathy when I want a newly designed roof a tree will never fall 🙂

      Yes my feathered friends blessed me today by filly their empty crops ❤

  5. 50-60 MPH is a strong wind and plus the temp was below zero. That was not fun. Love your pictures of these cute birds and the nice captions that go along.

    1. Thank you. I had no sleep with it pounding the house all I did was think about the huge pines beside me. The morning was worse which I did not think was possible :

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