Winter Hanging Tough in New England

Blue Jay in Winter
Begging at my back steps as you can see the land is frozen.

Here it is the last day of February one I look forward to each year for not only the heating bill but for sanity Ha Ha.

The snowbanks are filthy and with any luck they will melt down some 5 out of 7 days for the week ahead with just one brutal cold day that I can see.

Red Squirrel in a NH winter.
Everyone looking for a bite to eat.

Raccoons, squirrels and birds of all kinds find what they need here in my landscape, along the river or 2-30 feet from the back door.

Dark Eyed Juncos in a winter landscape.
So many Dark-Eyed Juncos stay all winter with me. You can guess why 🙂

When I complete my #ebird entry I usually get between 25-35 of these tiny birds who show up in winter and leave come spring.

These birds here below now call my place home year round.

A wet Bluebird caught up in the late Feb. New England nasty weather.
Bluebird is soaked from a late February snow and rain filled day.

Thanks for stopping by now it’s time to push ice as they say we may hit 40F today.

14 thoughts on “Winter Hanging Tough in New England

  1. Of course, they’re there year round – you are #1 on the list of bird stops in our area. 🙂 Yes, it’s a mess out there. I scraped the ice off the entire drive once this year and decided that’s enough. I’m just driving over it and hoping for a melt. 🙂

    1. lol that was my decision today as well with it getting cold mid week I hope the 40 degree days we get open up the frost filled earth ❤ Enjoy your Sunday afternoon I need a walk 🙂

    1. Yes I heard from the 40’s to the 20’s but praying we can escape tornado weather by slowing warming up. We took a ride up the coast to Nubble light in Maine and it had been 44 at this place but there with the wind off the water not so nice but the ride out was worth it for my 65th on Friday I will drive to the Cape if weather permits and stop at the Veteran’s cemetery where my parents remains are. I would be nothing without them ❤

      1. Seems it will be brutal tonight and still cool on Friday so maybe I will head to MA the following week when it will be in the 50’s they say 🙂

  2. Hi Eunice, Looks like you have a regular playground as well as food supply for those feathered friends of yours,I say yours because they know where to come. I hope that below zero temperature passes you by. Keep warm and stay safe, summer is on it’s way .

    1. Thanks Rita stay safe as well with your feathered friends 🙂 Much melting has occurred in last few days and today rain on top of the snow will help to was the dirt off the piles 🙂

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