Hot Tub in the Snow

I fill this heated birdbath first thing each morning for all to have a fresh drink then in comes the Bluebirds for their baths.

No worry once all are cleaned up I dump it out and add fresh water again for the rest of the wildlife who swarm this place, as the river was still frozen but the temps are rising this week here in New England.

Enjoy your last few weeks of winter!

Easter Bluebird bathes
Eastern Bluebird bathes on a 40 degree day in Feb here in New Hampshire

15 thoughts on “Hot Tub in the Snow

  1. Oh you are so caring for the wild life Eunice and the birds know where to come. Don’t forget to take care of yourself also. The wild birds here wait for John to go feed the birds in his aviary, it’s amazing to watch them swoop down and gather the seed the birds have dropped through the wire netting, and the best thing is that Koko doesn’t chase the the wilds ones away I love to watch this all going on. Enjoy the rest of the week and have a great weekend.

    1. You too Rita stay safe any shots for you and John yet? I can not take it and Ron said he will pass for now 😦

      I have always adored birds since my parents bought me my first Parakeet around 8 years old xo

      1. Hi Eunice if you mean the vaccine yes I have had mine and John has his first on the 6th March. Take care of each other and stay safe then. Keep up the good work with your wonderful painting. As you know I have finished my course of Linear B and am now beginning my study of the Minoan Linear A which is much more difficult because it has not yet been deciphered. Keeps the old brain active though.

      2. Awesome news on both fronts healthy bodies and mind ❤ I am in the woods and if I venture out I protect myself to the best of my ability always wondering if what we are told is truthful.

  2. Nice shots of the bird enjoying the water. Yes, I hope spring is here soon at least I hope there is no more severe weather any more. It is surprising warm and sunny day in the south here.

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