Three Attempts at Line Wash

The header is from a blog I did years ago, about Exeter NH.

Today we have the cold and ice as well, with snow yet again on our doorstep. Feeling bad for all those down in TX and elsewhere suffering in the cold where you are not used to it.

We will be fine with this batch of snow and they are saying even though our area will see the most it should not be more than 6 inches. We shall see. In the mean time I attempted something new as I watched the yard fill with hungry birds today.

Don’t laugh I never used a nib before 🙂 This dipping into ink is messy too.

I will be doing some cards using a bit of this technique and a local shop will be selling my cards with artwork and birds on them. That should keep me out of trouble 🙂 I will also add them into my Etsy shop.

Stay safe and warm everyone.

Blue Jay watching me take his photo.
wash with ink for lines

18 thoughts on “Three Attempts at Line Wash

  1. Good morning Eunice, great pics here, and like everyone else love the Blue Jay., looks like he is posing for your photo ,birds can be so comical. Keep safe and warm.

    1. Thank you Rita yes I swear they know what that black box is pointed at them 🙂

      Snowing now then another bothersome storm and some warmer temps. Pray for those in TX and in the areas of VA/PA/TN who are under ice and snow without power. We are all set up should that happen coal stove and a stove I can light a match to warm soup and make grilled cheese 🙂

      1. Great !! you are all organised then. Greece Mainland has also been without electricity for the whole week no lights or anything. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Thanks so much watercolor with ink new for me but fun pushing myself 🙂 the birds they just swarm me so I share their pretty photos thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thank you hope all is well and you are still getting outside for fresh air. I just got a cheap little greenhouse setup to begin seed starting my tomatoes March 15 🙂 can not wait! My neighbor hurt her knee and she has a new rescue dog that is a wild one looks like aunt Eunice will be needed often 🙂 Have a wonderful day.

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