Looking Forward To The Big Game

Tom Brady may no longer wear a Patriot Jersey but this girl wants to watch him for as long as he is able to play catch and this year with Tampa he has some good hands to toss to!

I am thinking of making a Cuban sandwich, paying homage to the Tampa area from up here in New Hampshire. I lived and trucked down in that area for 8 months in 2000.

This time I will make one sandwich and slice into slider sized ones for us as I am not sure Ron likes them but who can hate pork, mustard, Swiss cheese and pickles and toasted in a pan with a heavy pan acting as a press. I will also stuff some mushrooms and make a spinach and artichoke dip( he will never eat this) so I will make a small amount. Maybe some home made fries if he eats anything it will be mushrooms and fries. GO BUCS!

OK back to today. I am resting up after seeing 11-13 inches of snow with nasty wind on Ground Hog day. Let me tell you he saw NO SHADOW, it was only seen due to the flashes from photographers so yes I am full speed ahead with my garden planning.

Yesterday’s snow had me on the JD tractor for 6-7 hours in total but I reminded myself it was better than the 2 of us using snow blowers for 8 hours each. My better half cleans off the 2 trucks and my car then a shed he built out back and his trailer. He also shovels the front porch off but he did not have to do the gazebo as it collapsed under the weight of the snow that fell overnight and then the wind did it in. It was my moms and I will miss it.

With my new skillset I will build an area to get out of the sun as well as a place to paint in.

Another Gazebo Bites the Dust!

That shot was taken when I took a 20 min. break for some breakfast after working for 4 hours. I will wait until it warms some today or tomorrow to
remove all the broken metal pieces and see how my glass table faired. I will also take the chairs to the barn now that there is no overhead protection for them.

I like to add seed under the table so the birds could stay a little safer from the hawks so fingers crossed the table is fine.

A few more shots from yesterday.

Now open but with Covid no company
Wreaths left for cover that I will hang with suet balls covered in seed
Their color tells me spring is just over a month away
Blue Jay
Suet for these woodpeckers is much loved

Ok back to work for me then time to paint have a wonderful day.

19 thoughts on “Looking Forward To The Big Game

  1. Beautiful looking snow photos love the cardinal and blue jay. Sorry though I live in Tampa Bay Area and I am rooting for Chiefs. Brady is impressive but not a fan. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ It’s kinda getting boring watching him win all the time πŸ˜†

    1. lol thanks on the photos and yes here in NE we know all about the haters lol πŸ™‚ Mahones is a bit cocky for my likes Tom has always been a team guy and willing to put the time in yes he throws interceptions which makes the game crazy but I would throw one too if everyone was rushing me to make me eat dirt πŸ™‚ I will root for your home town team loud enough for you to here me from NH lol

  2. Oh, the birds are beautiful! Sorry about the gazebo and being on the tractor for that long. You must clear a lot of territory. We’re a little conflicted on the game. We will hope Brady and Gronk have a good game that’s for sure, but my husband had season tickets to the Chiefs for years when we lived there. So, I’ll raise my coffee cup to a really good game for all of them.

    1. Hard when you are here in New England and go against the boys who brought us so many titles I hear you. Very happy for Tampa though I miss them here. Enjoy the game!

  3. Tom Brady is amazing. He took Tampa to the championship game the first year he joins the team! I am also looking forward to see this game too. Have fun!

  4. There is a lot of work after a storm, isn’t there? I spent some time today knocking the piles of snow off the evergreen hollies and azaleas that were being pushed down. In the past, if I didn’t do it right away, the branches stayed that way, so I try to address it right away.

    1. Yes I also try to do that but this time being the 1st week of Feb. I added snow on top of all of my plants to help insulate them a bit if they are crooked and healthy I will be OK after the drought we had been in over here I want them to get the melting snow if nothing else.

  5. Fresh snow is lovely go look at but is a lot of work! We have had mild and wet weather and it has washed all our snow away really rapidly, so the rivers and streams are overflowing now! Take care Eunice!

  6. Your sandwiches, sliders sound delicious! Eunice, wasn’t it great to see Tampa Bay and Brady( don’t forget Groningen) win! ❀️πŸ₯°πŸ˜‚

    1. It was an awesome game ❀ Those boys were so happy but Gronk is now on TB12 plan lol not sure how long he can keep it up but his mom loves him being in FL.

      You going to get much of this snow tonight? They say 6" or under for us.

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