Snow on its way they say.

Unlike my header we barely have a dusting of snow in the yard. I was enjoying that fact until I heard how much had dropped in Truckee on the western side of the USA. Some spots where is is normal for big dumps of snow received 6 feet that is just plain nuts, the worst we have had in my 64 years was 36 inches maybe 38 inches and it shut us down for 3 days as we dug out.

The Northeast looks to the west more times than not to see what could be coming our way, 3 to 5 days out, depending on the currents aloft. I hardly watch the TV and had no idea February would arrive like a lion until I saw a weather forecaster I follow on Facebook had added his map. Boo


I am ok with a bit of snow not so much for all the cold frigid weather we are having this past week though. So with snow coming in Monday night through Tuesday night the one good thing will be that it will go from 0 F to 30’s F, at least I will be warmer pushing that white stuff around on my tractor.

Yesterday I attempted another Watercolor scene from nowhere.


I will leave you with a bird from our snowy day shot through the window.

Have a wonderful week and stay safe and vigilant.

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  1. You live in such beautiful place, so peaceful and in harmony with the nature 🙂 stay safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

  2. Hi Eunice I feel cold just reading your post and the snow you are expecting,lets hope it misses you. However, I do love your paintings of snow scenes and the lovely bird painting By the way we did have snow in Athens last week and now I think they are experiencing floods. Maybe the really cold spell will kill of the bugs and do away with Covid at the same time. Take care and stay safe Eunice Love reading your posts.

    1. Hi Rita 🙂 it has been so cold as we have been so spoiled brrrr

      I hope it misses me too 🙂

      Birds are photos but ones with my name on them are paintings 🙂

      I am sorry about your snow and floods 😦 Take care are you guys getting your shots yet?

      1. Hi Eunice, Yes I have had one vaccine and the next one is on the 9th of this month Bad news yesterday is that the Town near where we live is on red alert at one of the schools where a teacher and some pupils tested positive. John hasn’t had any vaccine yet until the end of the month or beginning of April so it’s a little worrying. Have you had any vaccine yet Eunice ?. Stay safe anyway.

      2. No I can not take the drug with what I am on and Ron refuses shots of all kinds. Hang in there and stay safe our country has outbreaks daily if every town in America it seems,

    1. I know right today was exciting and it got to 20+ but with no wind it was so nice tomorrow and Tuesday 30 to 50 mph winds and 9 to 18 inches or who knows how much snow 🙂 40 in time for the Super Bowl!

  3. My son lives in Truckee and in winter does snow removal – lots of snow moved this week. He loves it, crazy guy!
    It has been quite cold here lately, hasn’t it? Sounds like a lotta snow is heading our way now. Winter has arrived!

    1. I used to use that pass as a trucker 🙂 know the area all too well. How old is your son maybe he knows mine who is 44 almost 45 and well known skier and artist in that area.

      1. Possibly… he is 32, a snowboarder, his friends are mostly in their 40s, also does construction and has lived there 10 years. What is your son’s first name?
        Personally, I do not like winter there, been there in a heavy snow winter and it is NOT for me. I-80 is so scary in winter… chain city!

      2. Mike Tierney he lived in CO and JH WY the later for many years and was in films by Darrel Miller out in the Tetons.

        He is now near NV City CA/NV line he is also a artist.

  4. We really enjoyed looking at your pictures, your photographs and your watercolour as well. We love snow and we lived for some time in the very north of Scandinavia where we learned to love masses of snow like 2 to 3 meters. Then the real winter fun starts. Snow kills such a lot of noise and it’s fun to drive on snow. It makes everything look nicer.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Keep healthy and happy
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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