Finishing Art Pieces

I have been adding finishing touches to watercolors I have been doing this January, signing them and making them available for sale.

When you lay down washes as most artist’s who use this medium know, they will lighten as they dry. I could keep going back to the same one over and over until it has lost some of its glow or stop when I see just what I am after remember I have no idea what I will paint 99.9% of the time so there is no preplanning, no lay out.

Let’s just say it’s in Gods hands and my eyes, he is always right and I have very distorted or blurred vision in some cases.

Not sure if it is all the ugliness I am seeing in others, or sadness within me unable to make the changes I need to but it seems I used my darks a bit more than normal which I will attribute to our dark times ahead.

So with the news off and lots of colorful birds sharing my space the 2nd photo I will add is much more represented of the work I prefer what do you think the dark piece that was heaven sent or the trees you know I love?

May God watch over us today and let there be no bloodshed.

Winter Landscape in Watercolor
it changed a bit
Vertical Watercolor with a couple
before I went in and added a bit more darks
Of course I love my view in winter to be inspired by

Stay safe everyone. How are the shots coming for you? I can not take them with medication I am on so I am hoping those who can do what they can to get in line.


ps the header is what the Atlantic looks like this up here in winter, I just did not get the horizon straight 🙂

10 thoughts on “Finishing Art Pieces

  1. I really love the silhouette of the man and woman walking…and 3 birds. Would love to have a print of that. Pricing? It looks like Bill and me and our family of 3 when we had our one son. Print? Note cards?

  2. I love them both but am used to seeing softer colours in your paintings. I also love that first photo. You have a beautiful coastline. How I would love to go to the sea… just too far from us! (Probably an 8 or 9 hour drive?!)

    1. When I was in AZ with my pup landlocked away from her beloved ocean for 6 weeks we hit every beach I passed along our southern border for her to play in the sand yes her momma missed the sea as well ❤ Thanks Cathy I like quieter art in this noisy world.

  3. I also love both your paintings Eunice but I think I like the second from the top best it seems a little softer if that’s the right word. I am so glad you carried on with your art work, you have come a long way since you first began which was around the same time that I began my study of Linear B. Stay safe from nasty things going on in the world.

    1. Yes thank you. Here in the states promises were made during pomp and pageantry be it a much more subdued event with us all in a pandemic let’s pray he works hard to not bring war down upon us as was the norm until 4 years ago 😦

  4. An interesting picture of the beach. It is very dynamic – things keep changing…

    I am glad that so far it has been peaceful transition today!

  5. The ocean, beautiful art, and a feathered friend – life is good. 🙂 My husband and I will be ‘trying’ to sign up on Friday to get on the list for those interested in the vaccine. We’ll see how that goes with a mere 300,000 possibly logging on. 🙂

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