The Good and Bad Today

The header is a shot of some of the 10 wooden crates I had delivered to my place. I brought two of them up to a neighbor, with the John Deere tractor as she also gardens and she only had to pay $100 to us.

I saw the post on Facebook and made the calls and wanted 3 for myself and she wanted 2 and the library garden area we are doing will take two and 2 more the Garden Club will use at one of our fire stations and maybe we will raffle off the other one for the garden club. So $500 for 10 raised beds all made and delivered isn’t bad right? πŸ™‚

So that was the good part of ones day then I had another visitor, a naughty one, when it comes to my songbirds. It is a Cooper’s Hawk.

Cooper's Hawk in NH
Hungry yes but not my songbirds please.

Then I decided to paint and it once again got away from me but it is far from complete and was still fun to do to this point. Had I not had an eye on the door the whole time maybe it would have been pastel colors πŸ™‚

Watercolor work in progress
See what I mean lol more shadows and darks to add and who knows what.

So today is Saturday and no one hit Mega Millions and tonight is Powerball anyone holding the winning ticket? We all hope we are here in the US it would go a long way to make this year from hell a little easier to swallow.

Stay safe everyone

15 thoughts on “The Good and Bad Today

    1. I found them on the Marketplace called him and asked if he had any left as I wanted to check them out. I drove to Manchester bought 10 paid for by 2 of us then the garden club and friends of the library will help out hopefully and we can raffle one off unless I buy a 4th one.

      1. Yes they have floors I will add small drainage holes and fabric into and with a cage over the top think hoop house I will get strawberries this year Eunice 1 Chipmunks 0 lol

    1. For our gardens we fill with soil then plant root veggies, greens etc. in them and saves my lousy knees from pain from being on the ground we called them raised beds over here.

  1. I second comment from Cathy above – Great shot of the Hawk! With such predator around, I think they scare small birds away. I have seen few that came around near by (not often though). That is the only explanation that I can think of seeing less small birds around.

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