How Many Pay

How many of you pay for a yearly subscription here on WordPress?

I love following you all but since my stores are set up elsewhere I am not sure with what little blogging I do these days it is worth what the present cost is.

I maybe better off following your pages on Instagram and Facebook and by email starting next year. For now you are stuck with me. πŸ™‚ Let me know if you have pages you also post to please.

Now here is a bit of eye candy I found in my backyard and they are so nice to focus on, this year in particular.

The last one is a watercolor I did live at a Farmer’s Market with this scene only in my heart and mind as I let it flow from within and out onto my wet piece of paper.

An Eastern Bluebird back as he watches over my yard in NH, USA
One of my Adult Male Eastern Bluebirds
Male Eastern Bluebird in NH, USA
Daily visits are so much fun.

Here is the photo of the watercolor I used for the header I have someone who wants to buy the framed original but this is a tough year for everyone isn’t it.

Derry Farmers Market
Wet into Wet Watercolor

Stay safe and healthy


21 thoughts on “How Many Pay

  1. I was on the free WordPress plan for more than five years until I reached the max storage limit. The only downside was that the blog URL had a “” extension and not a “.com” one. I love the brilliant blue of your bluebirds, which are definitely a welcome sight at this time of the year. Your header is really cool and I enjoyed seeing the entire painting. I dabble a little in watercolor and hope to get energized to play around some with it this winter. I am always inspired by your paintings.

    1. Thank you Mike and I love your blog. Yes my storage went in about 7 years so I made the leap and lost many followers by doing so but I do not do WP for sales I have all my shops for that but I did like knowing where to find everyone. Again thanks I am inspired when I look at what comes from within glad God knows how to hold my hand ❀

      1. Amen. The virtual community that I have found through my blog has helped to sustain me particularly during this past year. Folks are so welcoming and encouraging that I never worry about how they will react to my sometimes quirky stories or images.

  2. Beautiful photos and painting! I’m also of two minds about WordPress, but if you’d like to follow PerchSpective on Twitter and/or Facebook, I am on both as PerchSpective πŸ™‚ I love your posts, but I understand the cost/benefit factor too.

  3. I have had a paid for many years. My main objective has been presence more than monetary. The bulk of my commissions and sales come from Instagram, and some from Etsy. I like to think that my blog gives other sketchers a few tips and encouragement. It also allows some who do not have IG a way to see what I am doing.

    Having said that, you bring up except points, and ones that get me to thinking. I have been evaluating why I post at all, yes i do sell a bit, at the same time I don’t work it like I would if I was 20 years younger when I would treat it like a business. Now my sales are just a way to pay for pens and paints. It is nice to post art and get the likes, our egos need a boost I guess.

    So thank you for making me think, not sure where it goes. But thank you. I would love to paint the photo of the bird, so wonderful.

    1. Feel free to paint and yes not so much here for likes but as a way to connect with many all over the globe for fun.

      I am turning 65 in a couple of months and sell mostly to locals except cards and prints on line. I think I decided to switch from free to paid for more space as I add photos trying not to add large ones anymore not sure how they look.

      1. Sorry i missed this, thank you. We have a similar outlook on why we do art, I am a couple of years older, I dont have the desire nor the energy to try to build some kind of art empire. But I do enjoy connecting with folks, just like we are doing now. Thanks I will do a sketch

  4. I pay $48 a year to WordPress – no ads and more space. Is it worth it? I don’t have a clue, but those ads annoy me. I don’t post to FB anymore, but you can use email. Your bluebird is a 10++ – handsome little devil sitting there waiting to make our day. Your water color is beautiful. I tried a class once so I know how challenging it is, and you are certainly up to the challenge. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh that bluebird capture is awesome Eunice. I boycott FB/Instagram and never visit my account. There is no point in deleting it because they retain all my data and use it freely even if I were to shut it down. At least this way I have access to my data. Not a big fan of Zuckerberg….

  6. Hi Eunice Your bluebird paintings are just beautiful,as you know I love birds and will send some photo’s of John’s birds as soon as I can get some good ones. I pay for Word Press but they are changing it this year by using a different editor and some other changes which are so complicated and will take ages to get used to. Have you had your final test results yet? if so I hope all is going o.k. Stay safe.

    1. The bluebirds are photos Rita not paintings. Yes tests back, my bp rising so may go on lisinopril till weight is off πŸ™‚ Yes email when you have time. I have been using the latest editor/ blocks etc maybe not to their fullest but what I have had time to check out.

  7. Cute pictures and a very nice painting! I am on free version. I have not checked how much do I have remaining. I am not sure what I would do next if I reach the limit.

  8. We have multiple sites and have paid for years. It’s a bargain compared to other web site / hosting. With WP you don’t have much control over things but I find it keeps me focused on the photography part, not a web site.

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