Just a Dusting

Male Northern Cardinal

It snowed all day but did not amount to much. Thankfully all storms are passing to our south. Not that I want you to get slammed but maybe you will get warm rain.

The ocean shot in the header was not taken today just revisiting shots from blog posts over the many years I have been here with you.

Eastern Bluebird on 
National Bird Day 2021
Keeping an eye on me

I have been painting a lot and this one is still wet with much to add but will be titled Ice Fishing or Bob Houses not sure yet.

Bob Houses or Ice Fishing work in progress watercolor by me.

Have a great week and stay safe.

7 thoughts on “Just a Dusting

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely paintings Eunice, you are especially excellent with birds. Glad you didn’t have too much snow even though it looks pretty. Thanks for visiting my blog with so many likes from you. Take care and stay safe from troubles.

  2. Hi Eunice. Same here… snowing on and off but not much on the ground and now it is freezing hard with more on the way. Great for winter walks though!

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