January 2 2021

Happy New Year!

Let’s hope as we turn the page we can find a lot more to be happy about this year.

I will continue to view my world through a lens with no filter lol literally.

Here is is the 2nd of January 2021 and I already sorted out my art storage area and got all of my blank cards I sell from home as well as ETSY in an easy
system to fill orders and ship asap.

The home is clean and I fed the birds and painted a piece for a friend, who is also a member of the garden club and on the cemetery board.

I have been out walking since Thanksgiving’s scare, trying to eat a balanced diet during a holiday season and just trying to stay focused as I set my goals for the gardens at home as well as our towns.

A local cemetery, I think I buried more than are actually there.
Today is a nasty weather day snow, rain and icing.
I do not know how they do this winter stuff I am cold watching them.

Have a great day, time to plow.

bird photography
Male Northern Cardinal wet from todays weather.

11 thoughts on “January 2 2021

  1. Happy New Year!

    Winter is hard especially up north where you are. It makes walking outside much more difficult. Please stay healthy and safe!

    1. Happy New Year! Yes we had a sloppy mix I had to use the tractor to push aside before last nights temps. froze it in place. The ocean always is safer as the tide pulls away I walk on the packed sand for the most part. Have a great week.

  2. Take care walking Eunice! It’s really icy here and I have had to give up my walks the last two days. There’s just a dusting of snow that keeps melting and refreezing here. Happy New Year!

    1. We have ice left with new snow and rain headed here so I have been purging junk no longer wanted or needed πŸ™‚ and painting up a storm and watching the wildlife I can not make the scale move but I feel lighter with junk gone πŸ™‚

  3. It looks extremely cold there Eunice,but believe it or not it’s cold here too ,in fact cold enough for lighting our wood burner and John has put a heater in the aviary to keep his birds warm. Like you I feel sorry for the animals having to cope out doors,they must huddle together to keep warm,I can just imagine. Hope you had a Happy New Year’s Eve and day. Stay safe.

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