The Cold Moon

Was it bright enough to keep you up like it did me? Even with the snow all gone, my yard was lit up with it’s glow.

So this one is the last full moon for 2020 and tomorrow night it would have been nice to kick 2020 out with good riddance but it seems we are far from through with the uncertainty this planet holds for us and our loved ones.

Please stay safe and even if you spend New Years Eve at home, make or bake something yummy and enjoy every bite.

I will walk beside the sea an extra 20 min. and make stuffed mushrooms to go with my 16 bean soup which I added tiny pasta too. It is even better with the spinach, onion, celery, garlic, ham bone and kielbasa and beans and pasta maybe I better walk another 60 min. 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone
Don’t let the news bring you down as we turn the page.

PS I took a ride to deliver a print to a fellow blogger I have followed for years, first as nutsfortreasure and now as Folsom Mill Studio/Eunice it was so nice to meet Susan from


27 thoughts on “The Cold Moon

    1. Thank you. I wish you luck on getting it asap my doctor stated I am not going to get it since I am on an immune blocking biologic so I really count on those healthy getting in line and rolling up their sleeves. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve HUGS

  1. Eunice, wishing you a joyous New Year with the light of that beautiful moon to guide and inspire you. I still hope to see your paintings in person one day, when we are freed from captivity. Blessings for 2021.

    1. Happy New Year Angela for sure I am not missing out on inspiration as it fills my spaces daily with so much hope as well xo I have a large piece of land to have coffee or tea in or out of the sun many feet apart anytime you want to peruse my stack of semi finished pieces 🙂

      God’s had a hand in it all as I look back on my life. I see the beauty of nature just waiting for us to embrace it and I finally slowed down enough to do just that once again. Stay safe and healthy.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR Eunice, Thanks for sharing that lovely shot of the moon I love your positive attitude towards life which is what we all admire you for, as well as the fact you work so hard in all that you do, be it shoveling snow or painting Have a wonderful day and stay healthy and safe.Wishing you every success for the future 2021 and further years to come.

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