Christmas Was Quiet but We Had Lights

They said to be prepared for there would be some nasty weather upon us Christmas Day and though they were right about the heavy rains we did not get many of the strong winds predicted and that was my gift, light and heat.

I had decided by Tuesday that I would do up our meal and have it ready for the oven Christmas Eve being just the two of us that was easy enough to do.

I made my better half the scalloped potatoes he loves and I had a sweet potato my favorite. Lots of yummy veggies were actually eaten along with some of a small ham I cooked the way my mom did.

Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze

I had taken some fat off the ham then scored it and placed a clove in each crosshatched section then using toothpicks I added the pineapple rings with a stemmed cherry for ease of eating them.

The glaze went on the last 40 min of warming the ham and the potatoes and veggies were cooked. The house smelled awesome which always gets our tummy growling.

Both Christmas Eve and Christmas I did no housework as it was done earlier well except for doing dishes in case of a power outage and I painted one after another watercolor as I watched the wildlife eat the seeds I placed on the ground and in feeders for them, all protected from the torrential rains which was also a gift to the earth here as we have been in such a severe drought.

All that is left from our snowstorm is snowbanks the rest of my place is back to green grass and dirt driveway. I had used my tractor to place the snow on top of my perennial gardens and also packed it around the small understory bushes and trees so as it melts they will benefit.

So that is where it is this morning as I am watching a few flurries blow in as the cold front enters and drops our temperatures from the mid 50’s of Christmas to a week of 30’s (F) and teens at night it is actually winter right.

I added more blank greeting cards to my ETSY shop and a fellow blogger purchased one of my Giclee Prints. I will deliver it to her as she lives just about an hour from me and you know how I love to drive.

Here are two landscapes from yesterday. I am still having to clean them up a bit but so much fun!

Landscape painting by E. Miller
Work in progress/E. Miller@folsommillstudio
Landscape painting by E. Miller
Work in progress/E.Miller@folsommillstudio

18 thoughts on “Christmas Was Quiet but We Had Lights

  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. My Mom used to make ham in exactly the same way–your photo brought back some happy memories of Christmases (and Easters) past. Nowadays it seems like all the stores sell are the big spiral-cut hams. I love your watercolor snowscapes. I think it is time to break out my watercolors again. Merry Christmas.

    1. I hope your holidays was wonderful Mike and yes our moms knew how to do things the right way so glad I paid attention now and then 🙂 xo

      Yes time to chill with pigment and water! Have fun

  2. Beautiful ham and lovely art pieces. You have multiple skills. 🙂 You can thank me for the lack of wind. When I heard the 70 mph winds forecasted I went out trudging through the snow to pick up wreaths and hanging baskets that could all become projectiles. Of course, then there was nary a stiff breeze. 🙂

    1. It was a small one and after many meals the bone will be used in a soup 🙂 Hope your weekend was wonderful with no tree damage. Tom Brady won for Tampa again today and we play Monday but are out of it 😦

      Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Glad you had a nice X,mas Eunice ,but even if the weather is cold we can keep cosy indoors and, with the cooking smells of Roast turkey or ham helps make it feel more X,massy Love how you cooked your ham Eunice and your paintings are beautiful, as always. Take care of each other and stay safe. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and lets hope 2021 will be better for us all.

  4. Sounds like you enjoyed your Christmas dinner, and the birds too. 😉 We had a nut roast – same as every year and we also love the smell of it baking, with roasted potatoes and parsnips, brussels sprouts and some homemade tomato sauce out the freezer… a taste of summer! Love your paintings Eunice. Keep it up and stay calm and relax. 🤗🤗🤗

    1. Thanks Cathy
      A Nut Roast like this one?

      Love him and eating a lot more veggies since watching him.

      Tomato sauce from summer I bet was perfect flavor I will do more freezing and canning this year. I got great news today I am ok fad diets just not for me and that I had no heat attack at Thanksgiving which is what I tried to tell ER good to know I was right 🙂 Thanks for commenting on my art I just have fun painting HUGS

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