How is Everyone?

Really how are you all? Have you suffered with Covid 19? What about lingering effects of it if you have. I am curious if I had in fact had it back in January when I was so sick and if so is any of this new recognized health issues are connected or maybe it was from all the tick bites I had had the year before. It is true what they say, all we can be certain of is death and taxes.

Ok on a better note I am painting a lot but then again sitting too much as well but when I sit and paint the birds are on the other side of the glass and camera close by and boy do they love this place and the heated birdbath even though is is fairly beautiful near the seacoast of NH.

impressionistic watercolor
Just play but today I get serious
NH Blue Jay perched
I do not know how they go to roost soaked to the bones

Today it will quickly warm into the 50’s so they say, right now at 8 am I have ice and snow on the ground with fog. The last few days we had had amazing sunrises which I am sure many of you also may have witnessed as well but today I saw none from my vantage point in the woods.

I have about 45 Juncos here daily I guess because they just visit me and are not living here with me like the Doves, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Titmice, Nuthatches, assorted woodpeckers and the now ever present Bluebirds I watch them more as they rummage for the seeds I toss for my ground feeding birds and furry creatures. I also had the new flock arrive Grosbeaks and they are gorgeous and never have been regulars here so maybe they were just passing through.

I do not want Bears or rats so I give them some when I notice them getting nothing for their efforts. I know they can forage and they do when we are away from the home for a long ride.

I also have birds of prey who know my address is a perfect place for them to dine on my feathered friends and yes though they must eat I would prefer they dine on mice lol lots and lots of field mice.

I hate seeing remains(feathers)on the ground. So many of you know I worked hard in the yard moving the food garden and planting many bushes, perennials and trees so when I scatter the food I do so is many areas they can make a run for it when these hawks come in hell bent on a kill.

I know it is nature and they are gorgeous as well but they don’t hang out with me for hours and hours helping to lower my blood pressure in this crazy time we are all a part of right now so if I can get them to shop at another address I am good with that.

Have a great day and let me know how you are and what kind of local birds you love to see.

Grosbeak is a newcomer here.
Visiting Dark Eyed Junco
Dark Eyed Junco(winter visitor)
Male and Female Northern Cardinals with Blue Jay
Getting Along

This last photo is suppose to be the header but my #wordpress blog keeps hanging up on #google I will have to see what ails it πŸ™‚ not sure why I can not edit the photo so to not cut Mrs. Cardinal off 😦

17 thoughts on “How is Everyone?

  1. Hi there Eunice, you must get such a lot of pleasure from watching those beautiful birds. For some reason we don’t get many colourful birds in this part of East Crete,I think they are all on the other end of the Island All we seem to get are thrushes,but there are buzzards who frequent the mountains not far from us. It is so cold here and has been pouring with rain for three days,however I don’t mins too much because it gets so hot in the summer so I hope the ground is storing it up for then. You mention you were ill some time ago and thought it may have been Covid,well all my family in England were also quite ill with what seemed to be the flue,and bad enough to go to the doctors who gave my younger son antibiotics. They seem to be under the impression that they had had the virus then.That was back in March They are all fine now. Anyway, you stay safe Eunice and let us know how you are after your next results..

    1. I believe them as we are now hearing Italy had it there long before January I hate when countries unleash nasty stuff on the innocent people of the world. Wonder if it was used for a purpose to shut down the economy of every other country or if it was them playing with germ warfare 😦 thank goodness I am not in charge of our country lol

      I will email you this week Rita and how did I not know Crete got cold of course it must just never thought about it I have been to Canada and Mexico(trucking) never away from North America nor did I ever desire except briefly on boarding a plane to fly anywhere except when I was 12 I wanted to go to Holland yes I loved flowers then too.


  2. Don’t cut Mrs. Cardinal off – the three of them kind of play off each other. It is an amazing shot. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»Glad you are hanging in there. My big event of the day was cleaning the shower so that tells you how boring it is here. πŸ™‚ You’re having issues with WordPress, and I wanted to change a profile photo on my MG Instagram page, but it kept pulling up a photo that I had deleted even off my phone. I logged out, I restarted the phone, made sure the photo had been deleted, renamed the photo I wanted to load. Nothing. Multiple tries of nothing. Finally, I loaded the photo onto my personal FB page, and it let me load it from there. Crazy, but I got to check that one off my list. πŸ™‚

    1. A sparkling shower yay I will ask him to do mine lol I am going for a ride today down to Lowell masked of course to shop the last sale of the year at Western Studios hope it really does turn nice out. I will have to try other ways of getting photo to load correctly as well thanks for the tips. Have a wonderful Sunday

  3. Hi Eunice, the header looks fine my end. You have such lovely bunch of colourful friends there. Ours are so grey and boring in comparison. But I still love seeing them. We are fine here and don’t know anyone who has been ill. Still, our restrictions now mean the shops are closed again and only five family relatives can meet for three days over Christmas. Look after yourself Eunice! πŸ’•πŸ₯¨πŸŽ„

    1. Thank you Cathy and sorry you only see gray birds 😦 Yes we are in a rise of victims ourselves so some bars close in states nearby other put up blow up domes around outside tables with heaters in each one they are doing all they can to stay afloat and not lose their businesses. I do go out now and then with a masked friend to grab breakfast but we do not hang around after.

      Stay safe Cathy ❀

    1. Thank you Eliza ❀ I am hanging in there still some pain in chest but am wearing a monitor it will be interesting what this $900 test reveals πŸ™‚ These birds are so loved and this year for sure even more as I spent all year with them no longer busy running here and there like I did the year prior.

  4. We are well and hanging in there… Lots of frozen stuff on the ground and it’s slippery out there. Rain and freezing rain most of yesterday. Hope you are on the mend and sending lots of love, thoughts and prayers your way, Eunice. Stay safe and take good care of you. πŸŽ„Merry Christmas! πŸ’ž

      1. You are so right, Eunice! With back, knee and now shoulder issues–I definitely need to be careful. I have ice cleats and use them to get from car to house etc. Dan hauls the wood in now and has even made some snow shoe paths around the field (I used to to that). IF we ever get some nice snow and sunshine too, I might try out my snow shoes this winter. It’s been a few years since I’ve been on them. YOU take good care of you too! πŸ’ž Have a wonderful Christmas and may the New Year bring bountiful blessings for us all! πŸŽ„ xo

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