Watching Them While I Paint

Flocks of Grosbeaks Arrived

They are very pretty to be sure and so cute as they fly in as a huge group and set about gobbling up all the food I had tossed for the regulars.

They love the mixture of seeds I made up myself but what a mess it makes on the snow covered yard.

Watching the colorful visitors below

He watches them from above but over all I would say everyone is getting along nicely.

Except when he is watching me.

I did my stress test and so far looks like I am getting blood flow to my heart with a bit of narrowing in one of my valves we will keep and eye on. Now to find out why my blood pressure soared Thanksgiving afternoon and has yet to come back down even with many hours spent in the hospital and doctors office.

The next test is a scan of my gallbladder then off to see the doctor all during the week of Christmas. Hope this virus begins to go away as many begin injections around the world. I can not take it but if everyone around me does I will be safer.

Take care and stay safe.

16 thoughts on “Watching Them While I Paint

  1. The Cardinal shots are extraordinary Eunice. How I hope they find what is causing the elevated blood pressure and can get you back on track quickly. I am pulling for you. Sending hugs your way too.

    1. Thank you one after another poses and I must remember to wash my windows lol inside and out they are too gorgeous not to take a shot at capturing them they remind me of my parents who also loved their daily visits. I am waiting to do more tests and to see my doctor on the 28th and heart doc on Jan 16th

  2. Eunice I have never seen a cardinal before, so thanks for lovely photo’s of them,they are so pretty. I hope all goes well with your next test and you will soon be healthy and safe. Thinking of you always Take care.

  3. Love seeing the bird photos. I so enjoy watching all the winged visitors in my yard as well. Also, sorry to hear about your health issues. Take care of yourself.

  4. That is a cute picture of a grosbeak. I like picture of them getting food in the group too.

    Good luck with your test and hope they find the cause of your condition.

    1. Thanks for stopping by I am doing much better and anytime I can remain away from a hospital during a pandemic is a good day ❤ I love these new visitors there were so many in the yard but these ones in this group close to my house were so cute :0

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