Watercolor Allows Me To Step Away

Today I seek answers tomorrow tests are done with even more hopefully to follow.

I played with my pigments once again actually it always feels good to paint and here are two from this past week I did as I await test on my heart.

Watercolor by E. Miller
Watercolor by E. Miller

On the top piece it is a little more colorful and I added some snow to a few branches it is never truly done until it is sold and in someone else’s hands.

I have been selling a lot of puzzles this year with so many at home but I fear mine can be very challenging to say the least but that is what makes a great puzzle right.

Have a wonderful week and stay safe behind that mask just remember to wash them if you wear cloth ones.


6 thoughts on “Watercolor Allows Me To Step Away

  1. Hi Eunice, I do hope your results are good tomorrow,try not to worry to much so as to keep your BP down. Love these paintings . Why is it that snow looks so pretty, especially when they cover the branches of trees, but it makes you feel so cold and everywhere is damp, so that we long for summer months. Take care and you stay safe too.

    1. I know right I usually paint winter scenes in summer but spending lots of days looking out the winter now with the shed done I could care less about what winter brings as it will be so easy to clear it away for me now yay no more tarps 🙂

      Thank you on the wishes the treadmill test seems weird I would have thought an ultrasound first but what do I know. I have constant pain now across shoulders damn so old now gallbladder kicking up 🙂

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