Finally The Tractors Shed Is Ready

It started out as what I thought was an ill advised purchase that cost $500.
It was delivered as a stack of 5 pieces of steel framing which had been used
to crate a piece of equipment that would be delivered to the states by a Maersk container ship.

My better half being a welder and my mechanic both said it was big enough to house my John Deere tractor with either the snowblower or bucket hooked up to it for winter or summer storage.

When she was new
HUGE Snow Thrower

For over a year maybe two it has been outside in the elements with no more than a tarp now and then covering it. So having shelter was good news.

Welding Supplies
Tools of the trade

Once I dragged the bottom framework he had welded extra metal to and cut out pieces to use elsewhere I slid it into the area where my old shed once sat for 15 years. Sadly I cleared out just enough space to add this 16 x 9 foot long building. Funny how learning all of these news skills it took me awhile to actually see the light as to what would actually be needed as it began to take on the shape of a massive building soon enough.

His Electric Welder
How you lift things high with no fork truck

I took so many photos of the progress but I will not bore you just know this was like building a home for me. 🙂


He spent days and days welding extra beams into place up above as well as on the walls. I took a metal building frame and added 3 really heavy metal trusses/rafters then had to add hurricane rafter brackets onto the steel as in between the three metal ones would sit 5 wooden rafters (15 in total) 18 pieces to hold up what appears to me a 12:1 pitched roof it was crazy how this job got more involved as I continued working on gardens and snapping photos of birds and flowers until he needed my help.

No easy fit
Now to keep these guys and skunks from digging under

I used a flat shovel and removed just enough soil to stand red bricks on edge around the hole exterior framework then packed soil around them if these wiseguys dig I will notice the earth has been moved.

I have 3 propane tanks on one side and a windmill tower and solar panel on the other and I took out all of the soil close to the shed so I could clear the snow that falls off the roof, away to an area with pretty trees.

This was NUTS
just enough space to clear away snow
Painted the door frames
Now to skin it
Not much floor space left
Safe and Sound

14 thoughts on “Finally The Tractors Shed Is Ready

  1. Oh my goodness Eunice you have both worked so hard.It looks fabulous ! Nice when you can work together in order to achieve those things needed. I hope everything works out as you want it to in time for that winter weather. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Hi Rita thanks there were days we hated each other 🙂 but we were tired and hungry once fed and off our feet all we felt was pride in how it was coming out. Just some things to add inside like shelves and hooks to have the Deere’s necessities close by and shelves for my seedlings and maybe a grow light setup or we unscrew the metal doors and put up clear plastic ones for the other 9 months. I can not wait to see the snow slide off as we killed ourselves raking the house off and old shed with flat roof.

  2. Hey, I am impressed. All that hard work! It looks great, and does in fact look like a little house Eunice! 😃 Well done. Now the snow can come. 😉☃️

    1. Amen we have had our missing rains arrive in earnest and nasty winds and each day I look out she is still there 🙂

      If I need to renovate home I can sleep in there for sure snow be damned ❤

  3. Thank you for the smile. I loved the DIY story and the parting shot. Congrats and pat yourselves on the back for a big job well done. Mother Nature – go ahead and knock because Eunice and the John Deere are ready. 🙂

    1. 🙂 man what an ordeal I tried to keep it short honestly 🙂

      I will barely get any snow on me and my old broken body will appreciate it so much. He has many nice dinners ahead of him xo

  4. Wonderful, Eunice! The building and tractor are awesome necessities in our neck of the woods for those of us who do our own things… Kudos to all! Wishing you and yours a blessed and beautiful winter and holiday season, my friend. 🎄❄⛄💞

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