Finding Moments To Paint

Taking moments when I am not needed on our project to spend time with my feathered friends and painting imaginary landscapes.

Watercolor by Eunice Miller @
A quick wet into wet imaginary landscape.

But the pull from the birds is real so today it will be in the 70’s F and I intend to enjoy every moment outside. Maybe with my paints.

Female Northern Cardinal in Autumn
My Female Northern Cardinal

Have a wonderful weekend and try not to stress about things you can not change.

10 thoughts on “Finding Moments To Paint

    1. True and I can leave them messy šŸ™‚

      Cardinals now are getting some chicken scratch, peanuts and safflower cracked corn a bit on the grass just enough for them for an evening meal on nasty days days like this week they are off eating bugs. They do come for a bath and drink and a nibble if I see them before dark in Dec. once cold I will do just sunflower seeds for them and the Jays and a mix for all others in smaller feeders and suet lots of suet right now too many bears.

  1. Love the cardinal birds Eunice and you do spoil them,but they depend on us humans during the bad weather so they need spoiling. As you know Eunice we have an aviary in the garden and whenever John goes puts there food into the containers, we see them deliberately throwing some out for the wild birds who are waiting on the path,its quite comical to watch. Hope all is well with you,stay safe and have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Eunice, yes we have wild cheeky sparrows. Pleased to hear Biden has won the election. It’s been a long wait to find out the results. I wish Joe Biden good luck anyway. Stay safe Eunice and keep on painting !!

    1. I love them also but so many here in the states hate non native species as they destroy say our Bluebirds but life is cruel and no one gets out alive which is hard to watch when they fill us with so much joy. ā¤

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