It Was Pretty Snow

Snowing on day before Halloween 2020
But this one and I hated it!

It was pretty but way too early I have lots of things to do before we hibernate with the bears.

Even my girls Rose was in full bloom at the pet cemetery

The flocks arrived looking for a handout.

I must go rest as it is now raining again and the winds will be fierce tomorrow they say and we have one sheet of steel to add to the upper part of the shed then we just have to skin the doors, I am hoping I have enough weight on the 4 12′ panels so we do not have to chase them.

It got cold in the 20’s F and looks like it may have killed my beautiful peas(2nd crop) and my spinach oh well now they will breakdown and feed my raised beds if that’s the case.

Stay safe everyone.

25 thoughts on “It Was Pretty Snow

  1. I love the look of male cardinals in the snow. It somehow makes me think of Christmas, which is still a long way off in my mind, even if the stores are already putting up Christmas decorations.

    1. Thanks Mike I just adore them all and now all their babies have joined them next year will be crazy if they all make it through winter. I just made masks and cards and other items for friends who shop my stores they loved them too πŸ™‚

  2. Brrrr! Freeze and wind warnings here for tonight and tomorrow too. I love the frosty rose at the pet cemetery. Good luck finishing up the shed. Thinking of you and all the fantastic things you do.

    1. Love you Dor ❀ nasty weather today wind was horrid but we will have a week of 60's so I can was and wax the tractor I worked her hard yesterday and I will grease her and wax her then park her in her new home. xo

    1. Thank you and today was crazy with snow showers and 50 mph gusts and 35mph sustained winds brr my poor wildlife did not know which way to go for cover.

    1. Thank you my friends asked that I add a few photos into my shops πŸ™‚ I hate being stuck inside but it was nasty in NH today a good day to create πŸ™‚

  3. Wonderful photo’s Eunice and as you say,looks so pretty. Love the squirrel photo. Hope all is well with you,make sure you have a good rest before you have to start all that work in case there is more snow to come. Take care and stay safe. X

  4. It is pretty snow. I love the snow covered rose picture! The color of the rose is lovely and the white snow covering it makes it looks like a fancy icicle.

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