We May See Snow

Seriously we have lots to do, SNOW?

We may wake to it Friday morning over here by the sea, in NH, USA, yes snow is normal in winter but can we wrap up Fall first please.

I have dirt to move, stone dust to buy and large rocks to move before
I take off my bucket and grease the tractor before adding the snow unit to it’s front end.

We are so far behind right now as we both became builders for the last few months. Yes the shed is sitting with a section missing from the roof and two great sides but both the back and front are open to the weather and the animals lining up to move in and if you know me you know that’s the truth.

So here are a few random photos of life as it is here. Off to see if I can find your blogs to read on this rainy evening.

Poplar Tree in Autumn 2020
Maybe this tree should have been taken down but I couldn’t.
Steel Roofing job in progress.
Nope not a skylight
Raccoon prints on our new roofing material
We had the delivery arrive and the 3 baby raccoons had to check it out.
Injured Dark Eyed Junco
Injured Junco I tried to save

My Juncos arrived early and this one was flushed into my window with stickers. It was hurt bad so I took it to a rehabber, I hope I did the right thing.

Take care everyone as the pandemic numbers continue to rise.

8 thoughts on “We May See Snow

    1. The roof is on the tractors shed now we just have to add metal to the front doors and then it can snow like crazy šŸ™‚ They say it will be a quick mover while another hurricane bears down on the Gulf of Mexico and fires rages in our west but still America is at each other’s throats as elections get closer. Sickening to watch actually so maybe some snow would be a nice diversion.

  1. I am not looking forward to the cold weather but on the other hand it is a good thing. It is normal that is better than abnormal.

    I hope the bird recovers soon!.

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