Colors Galore

Lake Life in New Hampshire
Cottages and year round homes alike
Before the rains and wind arrived

We have been so busy trying to do this shed all alone but a 9 x 16 with a 12 pitch roof I have to tell you is tough on old injured folks. So when it was rainy I suggested a few hours away a couple of times these past 2 weeks in between welding, drilling and attaching metal and wood to the sheds structure. Yesterday the metal siding and roofing arrived along with a stormy
day with lots of wind and rain the rain was very welcome as we are 12″ below normal rainfall.

The rain is letting up and many here in northern New England woke to several inches of snow, yes Oct. 17th snow! They can keep it up there I need to get my roof on and sides in place so I can back my tractor in and close the doors.

Hope you are having a great day stay safe and maybe 12′ apart.

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