The Skies Above

As we worked hard on my tractors shed it was not the cools temps or colored leaves that kept grabbing my attention it was the sky above us.

Earlier in the day it clouded over with a few drops of rain even. I had to loads of wash on the line and as bad as we need rain I prayed for it to blow over and give me just a bit of a breeze and some sun.

One load dried the other hangs inside now where the heat will help to dry them but they will still smell fresh. I have had no dryer since 1988 when I found a 5 foot snake in my basement and I left both washer and dryer down there and hired men to pull them out and scrap years later. This week while welding my shed he blew a fuse and he looked at me lol nope not me, I will no go into the basement where snakes mill about πŸ™‚

He opens the hatch and what is on the wall wanting to make it’s way into my home?

Almost 5 foot long Milk Snake

That peach colored stuff is foam others have put into spaces in the old stone foundation get more work needs to be done like CEMENT!

5 thoughts on “The Skies Above

  1. Nope, I wouldn’t be going in that basement either. And, I’d suggest the lucky person get a plan for replacing that foam with some heavy duty stuff. I deal with bugs and critters outside. I don’t do well with them inside, and I never ever even knowingly coexist with snakes. Oh my goodness. πŸ™‚

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