Nikon and Brush

October is such a pretty month here in New England and the mountain areas blow people away with their Reds, Yellows and Oranges on full display as it begins on the Canadian border and creeps southward but it is the creep that allows for so many to see the beauty even if they just watch from their windows at home.

Grasses go to seed, the final blooms fill our gardens even if it is just a pot of annual Mums we hang outside as we wait for the creep of fall color to hit it’s peak in our own yards.

Gorgeous Red Mums

The Mums came from Wentworth Greenhouse here in NH. They allow our garden club to hold civic beautification fundraisers where we make just enough money to pay for the plants we need for the gardens in town we care for. As the president of our club I finally setup a paypal account so people could donate if they have no desire to care for plants themselves but love what we have done here in town as volunteers.

At my place we are still working on my tractors she shed 🙂 The roof is now ready for metal panels and the flooring is in but we still have many 1×4’s in fir to make a grid with for the sides and doors yes I am grabbing photos of course to do a post when my JD backs into her new shelter.

Grinding off bumps for a perfect fit

My garden is now officially in her new location as I had one raised bed to move and since the gourds were ready to move into the drying mode for future birdhouses I worked the tractor hard lifting each section of box and placing it in the new location then the second one that sits on top for a good deep box for root veggies then I hauled the rich composted soil filled with wiggly earthworms which I lifted as gently as I could and refilled each raised bed.

Photos later as I am ready to add 4 posts into cement and then add chicken wire fencing to keep many more critters out of it. I also added wire then cardboard into the bottom of each box to keep them from raising their young in my food, there is over 100 acres surrounding my garden, they do not need my place 🙂

You know I am always running in many directions but I have been taking time to paint small pieces of art and reading like crazy.

Happy October!

Have a wonderful month, stay healthy as well!

My beautiful birds have been leaving while others arrive I sure hope they love what I have done to the place since spring.

Wonder if they will stay?

Take care

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    1. Yes the rush is on to finish everything before the first snow for us. I have so many things to get into place before I take the bucket of the tractor and put on the snowblower. Today we took a 3 hr ride in the rain in search of color the WMUR map showed as peak it wasn’t but saw some pretty trees here and there We will go take a look on Mon or Tues while everyone is back to work.

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