Hummers are gone but bees remain

and the Pollinators are loving them

Living here in NH 15 minutes from the coastline we either get missed totally by storm weather or nailed badly. Today we had rain but not enough to keep them from opening the damn dam. All is ok so far as water was low enough but come the 13th of October my yard will once again spend time under water. Until we fight to remove the dam completely we will watch our land erode away sadly. If you get a chance check out the movie Damn Dams.

So for now we build the shed and I divide plants and he gets trucks ready for winter and I will grease the John Deere and get her ready for snow season while it is still warm. Make any repairs or adjustments to get through another season no matter what 2020 still has in store for us.

Yard monsters
Will they stay or go?
Large full gorgeous heads
Cosmos in a drought
Painting up a storm too!

Take care everyone and stay virus free. xo

8 thoughts on “Hummers are gone but bees remain

  1. It’s funny to be working outside right now and the bees just move around. We have some berries we are picking and they just move right around our hands as we pick. So sorry about the water issue. Hope the shed is going well.

    1. Yes many bees but so far not aggressive ones here thankfully. Once Chipmunks ate all the strawberries I never looked for any raspberries or blackberries I just set about fixing this place so they don’t get them all next season. My peas(2nd round) are up over a foot tall and tomorrow some garlic goes in.

      The shed is amazing I will post a photo on Instagram then do a complete post when the tractor is parked inside πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend I need to take a ride to snap some photos of pretty leaves and make a scarecrow for the town of Epping.

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