Playing When I Rest

Autumn Bramble

Working hard to wrap up projects underway here before the temps drop too low for me to enjoy being outside.

The shelter for the tractor is coming along and yes gathering photos to do a blog post when it is completed.

This is a wet into wet watercolor of what a messy blackberry bramble looked like in my mind with New England Fall Colors for a backdrop as yes Sumacs and Swamp Maples have begun to change. A watercolor artist over in England Jean Haines reminded me to get outside and see what is there for beauty. Hers is much better as she is a real pro, I am in the end of my 5th year I think but am loving watercolors so much.

Next I will try some still life’s I really set up and not make believe 🙂 This image is in my shops on VIDA and FAA should you like it on something as simple as a card for an October birthday or a pretty scarf so you can compete with Autumn’s Splendor.

Have a great week everyone and stay safe and healthy

11 thoughts on “Playing When I Rest

    1. I know it is way too early I have plants to deliver to their new owners Sat. morning brr close to a frost then as well.

      I had fun letting the colors flow on my wet paper still not happy with berries but I will keep practicing just looking for a pop of October color in memory of my mom who begged me to keep painting her birthday would have been in October ❤ Thanks so much.

      1. Thank you so much, some have parents alive and have no idea the pain there will be when they are gone. I am so glad I got the last 8 months with her and the final 3 months when they told her she would not survive her cancer. We enjoyed laughing and her watching me paint as she would use her acrylics my brother sent her, who knew I would lose both mom and my brother within 5 months of each other .

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