Cleaning, Planting, Building and yes Painting

We have had amazing weather once again though still in a serious drought to look at my place you would never guess I say it was the month of rain in the spring and I mow the lawn only when the baby turtles have a hard time moving about.

I added more Sugar Snap Peas when I moved all of my raised beds to a new location as well as carrots, beets and lettuce mixes. The peas are up 2 inches already!

My flower gardens are in their 2nd and 3rd years and the plants are thriving in this drought with me watering them only if they begin to droop but in super soil they are loving all the sun filled days like me.

Hardy Hibiscus

My Hummers are fattening up and my Catbirds will fly away soon I will miss them so much but they will be replaced by lots of Blue Jays, Cardinals and Dark Eyed Juncos to name a few.

Catbird in molt with no long tail feathers.
Cone-heads by me

Back to designing my new gardens and a shed for the John Deere just wanted to pop in see some of your blogs and let you know I am still plugging away even in these crazy times. Stay well and be safe the best you can do.

13 thoughts on “Cleaning, Planting, Building and yes Painting

    1. Thanks saw them long ago in Nashua and I went in search for my own now I want the white with pink centers theirs were 10 foot tall stunners now sure how big mine will get. 🙂

      I bought a $500 crate (metal frame) my other half is a welder so he cut up some of it took off the sheathing(we added to the frame on the bottom and I bought rough cut hemlock from local mill 2″+ thick and 16′ long to lay them down for the flooring. Today we will attempt to attach two roof trusses he made from metal he cut out that was not needed for our purpose. we will add 3 steel trusses then in between make some wooden trusses then add strapping lengthwise across the roof then add metal roofing. He will also make me brackets to place boards on to use it as a place to start my seedling until the high tunnel arrives and I can add them to the ground or my raised beds depending on the crop Under the gun now to have shelter ready for snow. It has been too hot for us old folks 🙂 to do in July and Aug.

    1. I am off the Lamprey and my girls and babies are still filling up. I put clean food out daily and ordered new feeders for next year that do not allow bees to take over 🙂

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