Let’s Stay Focused I Tell Myself

So many distractions this year. First it was all about the coast to coast trip I would do solo, to meet up with bloggers and artists I have met online over the last 12 years. To everything grinding to a halt as the virus swept across the world, taking the lives of many older people who had health issues, wait we are in those categories now what.

Well here in NH it was all about toilet tissue, who would have thought to stock up on that and seeds for gardens. The seeds I thankfully had purchased so I could get a jump start on my garden when our winter weather broke but we really had a bearable winter and me with equipment to move snow lol and we had rain, lots and lots of rain in late April early May. Perfect growing conditions except a little cooler than most crops I grow like.

So I threw caution to the wind and said the heck with frost possibilities until May 31. Well it worked perfectly I lost nothing to the cold, man it has been 85F to 95F I swear all through July and Aug with hardly a drop of rain until the day the Bobcat sat seeking shelter from the thunder and lightening and the 1 1/2″ that fell.

So how did my garden grow? Beautifully though it was extra work watering each morning but it got me outside a lot more too which is good during a pandemic they say.

Here are some shots from the place now before we batten down the hatches and prepare for the winter of 2020 as my header photo suggests we get snow lots and lots usually and today I am thinking about our gulf coast and all the people in the path of not one but two nasty storms bringing 15′ storm surge possibilities to their beautiful land and wildlife filled locations. I will pray as well as pray for all the poor animals they leave behind.

10′ Tall Sunflower
Thinking it is time to dry some.
Finally They have Arrived
WOW What Amazing Flowerheads
Monarchs are welcome here

I will sign off for now stay safe wherever you find yourself in this world I am hoping to take a short ride to Maine to social distance with a childhood friend I have not seen since 1974 lol should be nuts!

19 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Focused I Tell Myself

  1. It is heartening to see that you too have Monarchs. I went through most of the summer without seeing a single one and in the last few weeks I have finally begun to see some of them. This year has been a crazy year in so many different ways. We all need more of the positive energy that seems to radiate from the giant sunflower in your first photo.

    1. ❀ thank you Mike I look around me and am happy with the hard work and seeing all my visitors I can share with others I hope do just that for viewers so much hatred and doom and gloom already so I try to focus my camera on beauty.

      1. Amen to that. I deliberately limit my news consumption, because most it just brings me down. During this pandemic time, nature has become even more of a refuge for me. The cycles of nature continue on even as our lives are disrupted by all of the turmoil and trouble that swirls around us.

      2. OMG this is so true they love the quietness here less hustle and bustle no meetings to race out too now I watch for the baby turtles and when I sit outside at dusk my Hummers hover in front of me looking to see if I am still alive lol they are so bosy πŸ™‚

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you a severe drought has my native plants doing well and the annuals I feed and water when natural rainfall escapes us. Hard but so good for the soul when our world is filled with so many disasters and now outright hatred of our fellow man I am blessed to work the dirt and share her bounty.

    1. Standing proud for sure against the sky and when the seeds within are ripe it will be covered by birds for now most days there are bumble bees enjoying it.

  2. Beautiful butterfly picture. A good view to remind of great summer time. I also do hope not much damages from the storms. September is a month of peak storm.

  3. Beautiful flower photo’s Eunice, especially the sunflower. Do you have any forget- me- knot flowers in your garden, they are one of my favourites and I have not seen any here in Crete at all. However, I have noticed this year, how the plants both flowers and vegetables seem to be extra bright and crispy fresh looking in the gardens and my opinion is that earth is having a rest from all the pollution because of lock down.

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