What A Week

I have been so busy tearing apart my garden since there was no rainfall why bother trying to save it all as I had a wonderful season full of so many yummy meals.

I was offered a High Tunnel to grow crops and flowers in to help with my income and to offer organic food choices for my locals. I am blessed and it helps with all the damage done by another state office. Now to figure out how big I want it and if I will irrigate from the troublesome river or tax my well for the drip irrigation. So much to read and decide upon.

One more raised bed to move up here and one to build.

My old 24 x 18 garden is where you can see the green compost tumbler which is now all level except two pieces of fencing and my pretty gate which will be added up the hill where both tractors are parked. This area melts first in late winter with sun beating down upon it. I must remember to leave lots of room for my turtles as they require a certain soil to lay their eggs and their babies just hatched this month and are so cute though dirty.

Then we finally received rain a whole inch and a half and the baby turtles were so clean and cute ❤

Also as the heavy rain began to fall I moved from my sheltered table area where I had been reading another book by a local NH gal Janet Evanovich
I got everything inside as thunder rolled towards us when I saw something on the ground where I had just been sitting in a chair I wondered what I could have dropped as it was now pouring, after 2 months of no rain in my area. I did a double take and prayed that the cat that was sitting there had a collar but no such luck it seems that a NH Bobcat thought the shelter was perfect during the rain, as it was drenched. I watch this cat for over 2 hrs watch my birds and other small critters as it went to sleep then open it’s eyes ever so slightly and every now and then cry 😦 I thought it was a kitten calling for mom but as I would find out by the biologist I reached out to for guidance it was all alone and not only wet by horribly injured.

The beauty of this cat took my breath away.

It would watch me in the window and every now and then close its eyes to sleep and then wake and cry out.

Crying Bobcat
Lousy photo but it is crying 😦

After two plus hours and lunch it stood to leave and my heart broke as it was so injured it was only the will to survive that kept this cat moving. I will keep an eye out for it on my property and get help right over to get it to a vet who cares for wildlife. I have a video on my Artist page on Facebook but it is too sad to watch again as I taped it before I knew it was injured.

Injured NH Bobcat
Barely could lift itself to leave.

Then there was another bear visit and he is stomping on my flowers and making a nuisance of himself 😦 sure hope it was not this bear that hurt the bobcat

Our local brat

Like I said what a week, hoping yours is better.

19 thoughts on “What A Week

    1. The video on Folsom Mill Studio (FACEBOOK) shows how hurt it is. This cat was drenched and skinny looking but it took care of the rat I was trying to catch so I owe it ❤

    1. oh CT/NY area I miss traveling through David ❤ I must look for photos I took from shoveling the roof a few years back to see what it is that they love about it here 🙂

  1. Turtle are cute. Bears and Bobcats would scare me inside for sure. If the Bobcat is looking for help, I hope he comes back but not too close so you can call someone. A free high tunnel – you go, girl. Because of the drought, I’ve taken up some of my garden that was wearing out and kicked some annuals to the compost bin early. Nothing as interesting going on here unless you have some advice on getting rid of skunks. I’ve tried ammonia and moth balls, and I guess they have masks on. 🙂

    1. So many baby turtles I guess the dry year was a boom for them which makes it all worth it as that was one species I was keeping large sections of wasteland for. They love loose gravel/sand mix and not loam and pretty flowers 🙂

      I am hoping it sleeps along the side of my home in an area I had hoped to use silt fencing and design a tiered landscape maybe 3 levels with a nice gentle path to get down to the lower yard I see it in my mind and have the tractor and it is in full sun so all but shade lovers would grow well here but sometimes I dream of a cute 1 bedroom on one level with a pretty sunroom to paint in 🙂

      Yes it felt good to rip out the garden space for a better way to garden though I think Ron and I will have to hire a crew to erect it and add the plastic every 4 years. The state has destroyed so much of my land dumping Pawtuckaway Lake I would rather they destroy their dams and make it for paddle boats, canoes etc or leave dam in lower it a bit and have no motorboats allowed which is why there is a drawdown every October.

      No skunks here and I wonder if the bobcat has been here gobbling the critters up or with no garbage or bird seed left on the ground they may have went to a neighbors. Even my 3 little raccoons and possum have not been caught on my cameras just the bear 🙂 he must be a real ham lol What town are you in again?

      1. OK are you in any garden clubs? We love Wentworth and work with them for all of our fundraisers right now Mums, Asters and Cabbage I love them all but it is sad swapping out our gardens from summer and moving into autumn.

      2. We invited them to join the Federation but no word from them as of yet. Our group should join Fremont but so far they want Epping who was one of the founding garden clubs to continue. We do 3 to 4 fundraisers (plant sales) and have plants downtown in planters and we have 3 intersections planted as well as the soon to be installed library gardens and the safety complex and next year a new town hall planting all 7 members can pull off 🙂

    1. It is what we are thinking but how long ago 😦 seems it is working with its limitations but I am so sad yet thankful I have a place it felt safe to hunt.

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