Do you enjoy seeing new visitors to your area like I do?

This Indigo Bunting has been here all season and sometimes I think I see 2 different males but then I question my eyes and listen to their song and hope to see its young and female soon. Will they return back to where they call home or will I be lucky enough to have them stay like most of my visiting Eastern Bluebirds?

Indigo Bunting
I was asked why I keep him in a cage man this virus is taking its toll on some.

All of my Bluebirds, 3 clutches, have fledged and all born without the use of my birdhouses yes the land has enough safe spots now and natural cavities that they were raised with no help from me except the constant supply of fresh water and mealworms they needed until real bugs were plentiful.

baby bluebird
Baby Bluebird

Now my Ruby Throated Hummingbirds have also had a successful year and now I am being buzzed by not only bees but so many tiny hummers they are harder for me to grab a photo of as they hang in my trees waiting for direction from their parents but parents are delighted to be out of that very tiny nest. Joyful actually as they dart from feeder to feeder always trying to stay just far enough from the yellow jackets that swarm the feeders this time of year also looking for free energy for their hives.

In flight action

My Catbirds I will miss badly, they love it here and as I begin to do more work on my land I hope they still want to vacation with me.

I am trying to offer a natural habitat for all locals and visiting flocks so when I am gone they will have a foundation of plants that will continue to be here to make nests in as well as provide food for them, the river now is all dependent upon how those in the state protect it from filth as we all need fresh water

Stingy River

Have a great weekend and fun observing life in your areas of the world just stay safe as you do so.


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  1. I think many people like bird watching. I am one of those too. I think there is a joy deep down that keep your mesmerized while watching them.

    1. It is my first year seeing them and they raised a clutch here I hope they return year after year. They love finch food which also has sunflower seeds all with no shells. Thank you

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