Garden Chores Winding Down

With temps mostly 85F to 95F here in Zone 6 give or take paired with the fact we get missed by mostly every rain cloud and even a tropical storm missed us

I have decided to cut my losses and save my water to drink and bathe in and of course give the birds fresh daily for their needs. Gardening is not for those who are not up to a challenge so I will turn my attention to using my tractor to pull out the old fencing, remove my raised beds and pile up my incredible soil.

I will then pull Forsythias that surround it and move them to my upper yard and then lay down metal wire and cardboard to the new layout and add the boxes in a way that I can top each one off by coming in from the outside of garden and lifting my bucket over the new fencing. Right now I can do that to 3 boxes but the rest take a wheel barrel and with my injuries and joints I try to work smarter.

Enjoy your gardens or the cool grocery stores where you shop for items others work hard to provide for you.

Making Pickles is a bonus

Then I grab my book and sit in the shade and watch my baby birds of all kinds learn how to fend for themselves.

10 thoughts on “Garden Chores Winding Down

  1. Really liked this post! As we age, we do have to work smarter, and learn to take breaks and read in the shade. Your produce looks delicious. I think you’ve earned a rest!

    1. Aww thanks so much. I think I may scale back a bit and in the 4 x 8 raised beds do just square foot gardening techniques or for a few boxes anyway. You know like a better mousetrap lol I love gardening but hate waste and weeding and critters eating every last Strawberry 😦 so time to outsmart and plan a little better. Now that my gardens are winding down with lack of rain I don’t want to get too lazy. I could paint though and in Sept. if weather is cooler I will rent a lift and paint my barn which will set me up for doing more art next year once chores are done.

  2. Very lovely picture on the top of the post. Love the cool colors and contrast.

    The produce look so good. I like that kind of cucumber – softer and juicier.

    1. Thanks I forgot the header so I hit edit not sure why I grabbed that shot but thank you. Yes and I used White Mountain Cucumber mix in a bag you add vinegar to the bag shove it full with slices or spears or a mix and in 3-5 days yummy pickles I will let you know how it worked.

    1. You can rent anything and they bring it right to you. I can no longer run 2 snowblowers 8 hours a day with each snowstorm so I cried uncle and bout the JD with 3 attachments that will long outlive me.

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