Tonight We Had Fresh Potatoes

Seriously 64 and I have never tasted potatoes so good and I grew them!
So worth it if you never have.

Tonight I was blessed with another gorgeous reminder of how beautiful our planet is.

Hot day and even hotter sunset.

34 thoughts on “Tonight We Had Fresh Potatoes

      1. Tornado just missed us on its way southeast. Torrential downpours, wicked winds and power out for a while. BAM describes it so well! ❤ Grateful we're all safe and sound… Take good care of you, Eunice! ❤ xo

  1. A wonderful looking Sky. I am sure you you can keep staring at this for a long time. I remember seeing wonderful sunset sky in Fl. but not around my home place. Perhaps, as I am living near city.

    1. So many things are awful for so many this year and simply having success in our home gardens brings so many smiles just wish everyone would grow something the naturing you give it helps so much.

    1. E#very now and then my tiny peak I get of sunset in the yard blow our sunrise at the shore away 🙂

      Yes I grew 5 varieties never tried potatoes before now I am hooked on Garlic, Potatoes and want to grow a HUGE PUMPKIN lol just not sure I want to let it take over my whole yard so maybe a 200 lb one lol

      Your right about the potatoes this is my second haul with one still in the ground and they are so good now I know a good one from an old one 🙂

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