Gardens Love This Heat

So many gorgeous blossoms are in full bloom as well as all of my veggies.


We had lots of rain in late winter and very early spring but really nothing to right about in June or July so far. Many heat waves here in New Hampshire where we have strung 3 or more days in a row over 90F today we may get really close to that 100 mark where I am closer to the sea.

We have easily harvested 4 pounds of Peas and I will plant another round for fall.
I really need a much longer row of these beauties.

Flowers and Veggies compete for my care so each morning as I walk the land I water those in need and pick off any bad bugs yes there are good bugs out there doing their job and I deadhead blooms to promote even more. All the while I am sarenated by a bevy of feathered friends one thing for sure it is never boring here.

Now that the yard is tended for and the baby birds are being cared for by their parents I once again sit down with my water and brush and paint from within yes all make believe.

Watercolor by E. Miller

Have a great day and continue to stay safe as this virus engulfs our world.

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17 thoughts on “Gardens Love This Heat

      1. That has been hard to do but this heat will knock you back on your heels quickly if you don’t. Less humid they say today then 2 days with chance of rain we have not had much on the seacoast of NH

  1. Until recently it’s been WAY TOO DRY! We’ve had a few storms this past week, but the ground is still parched. The gardens gardeners are thirsty… I love rainy nights and sunny days. Hope we get lots of these! 🙂 Take care and Happy Gardening & Painting! xoxoxo

    1. and after my procedure the doctor said I can eat anything as long as I go easy on Tomatoes after lunch time because of their high acid count.

    1. Thanks I fight daily to keep it from severe flooding and what it used to be was totally different with having gone through 3 100 year floods which is why I am so anal about beavers 😦

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