Who Will Show Next

Two of my three latest additions

You already know it is a zoo here but 2020 takes the cake!

Three little raccoons started venturing out without their mom and end up here of course. I am worried about their mom as I have not seen her for a few months when she would visit with the opossum.

I am hoping she is just tired and they are rebels then again without my dog
they may see no trouble but with the many birds of prey that fly overhead I
fear worse than a dog chasing one them off into the woods.

The photos are lousy as they are shot through a window so I will just use this one of two of the three.

Hope you had a great 4th and your neighborhoods are quieter tonight.

12 thoughts on “Who Will Show Next

  1. I think they are cute. I also hope their mom is ok too.
    Oh, it seems firework is louder this year or perhaps it has been that way for a long time. It sounds more like bombs exploded than just firework. I am not talking about fire crackers sound (or they may be very big ones).

    1. Our area had so many homes putting on their on displays with everyone staying close to home and towns not putting on displays for the masses.

      I have not seen them or mom for a few days but I have been going to bed very early.

    1. I watched my 3 wee ones not so small now chasing frogs in the river this morning still all together and not with their mom who I pray is sleeping.

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