Hard to make time for a brush

Father’s Day

With so many projects in different stages of completion I have not put aside a moment to wet a piece of paper and use my brushes then again I wanted to paint my barn and have yet to do that with all of the gardening and heat. 90’s in June here in NH is not normal.

Protozoan Scums
one day gorgeous though dammed up the next Scum that appeared as if it was a oil spill.

This is my gorgeous Shag Bark Hickory as it clings hard to what soil is left at the waters edge from so many horrible floods but check out the water I thought there had been an oil spill miles up in the woods at a popular lake nope it was a scum actually called Protozoan Scum and I guess with the beavers stopping all water flow, no rains for close to 2 weeks and this oppressive heat it was ripe for something to go wrong.

Once the authorities, friends and neighbors came to see it I was still worried for the wildlife that depend on this water as much as we do remember this one where will it fish?

Osprey in NH
Finished every last bite.

I set out to make this a place they were safe to come and now I see how easy it is for this place to go out of whack do to nothing I did nor could I stop it so I have yet to paint anything and instead lift my camera. Never having to leave the yard keeps me safe from all the craziness of the world right now. Being ashamed of humankind is not a good feeling for me so I will pray for much better times.

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8 thoughts on “Hard to make time for a brush

  1. The weather has certainly been a challenge to all of us, and current events is more than a challenge. Your first photo is stunning. Hope we get some weather so you can do your outside painting. I like painting – a beginning, a middle, and an end. 🙂

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