Hot and Dry

Very old Female Snapping Turtle

After many days of rain in early spring our first week of summer will be hot and dry.

Turtles are coming out of the mud down at the river and marching across my yard at a good pace intent on laying their eggs to carry on their species.

I have many varieties here that scare my furry visitors this one above can hurt you badly with that jaw.

Not sure what the Morning Dove thought.

So on this first day of summer what are you seeing in your yards and gardens?

This week we will have temperatures in the 90’s F with passing chances of a spot of rain but nothing guaranteed. I water my gardens early in the morning which is where I am headed to after I hit publish.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day to all the dads who may follow me.

12 thoughts on “Hot and Dry

  1. Ditto here. Green grass has now turned brown in many places. I watered early yesterday and will tomorrow. Today I harvest my lettuce. Happy Saturday, and I’m hoping we both get one of those forecasted showers. 🙂

  2. We have had some rain the last week or two thank goodness. Looks like a heatwave is on the way here too now, so I will be watering too I expect!

  3. Love to see these kinds of back yard critters. Hmm, I would say around here I saw yard rabbits the most – from little ones (babies). I recalled now seeing one turtle walking across the road and oh deer too.

  4. Hot and humid, but ground is like talc… Fox racing through birches today, bluebird perched on woodpile pole yesterday, newborn fawn (it’s a girl) in back field last week. Miracles! 🙂 Great photos of your turtle, Have an awesome week, Eunice! ❤ xo

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