8 Years

WordPress reminds me that I started this journey 8 years ago when I met some of you as I clicked the FOLLOW button.

What a journey and it is just 8 of the 64 I have been here.

This year started out great unbeknownst to all of us that it was to come to a screeching halt. For me being retired not much changed except I stayed home much more with less meetings having to attend for my volunteer work, though now they have begun to go to ZOOM. 😦

The wildbirds are happy I am here to keep their fresh water bug free and my garden is 2 to 3 weeks ahead of many. So I have kept busy but the car seldom moves.

The news is filled with awful stories of police brutality and property destruction and looting. Many march demanding a change as they have in the past will this time be different, I always pray that it will be.

Stay safe everyone and stand up for your rights.

Peace Lily not in bloom but the Lily is

13 thoughts on “8 Years

  1. It has been 8 years already! I had to look back to when I started it here. In few months that would be 8 years for me too. Time flies. This year is a brutal year. I would say. Please stay safe as well.

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