Far From Just Ducky

What has come to this world of ours?

So many dead and sick yet so many say it is just a regular flu, no big deal.

Then you have yet another cop on a power trip and his way of subduing a
suspect, one it seems he knew, dies as his peers look on. Listen this is on those
who approve and review officers methods and paychecks and hold them responsible as well as their union then all the way to the Mayors, Governors and Board of Selectmen of our towns. We must go to the top to stop this and not just to the Chief or Captain.

Then those who reside here in the US rise up to protest this officers methods
and the loss of a man as they chant his name, yes you are angry but seriously
I did not run out to buy paint and write nasty stuff all over my town nor did I
throw bricks at a police officer or light their cruisers on fire. What the hell is
going on in this world? This is bigger than those 4 cops involved and when will everyone wake up and demand better from their fellow man?

Race wars of the 60’s are alive and well in 2020 it seems. So many wealthy black men playing ball while so many kids still stuck in subsidised housing they came out of themselves on many occasions, right where the city officials want them. Rap stars and music moguls rising up to become the cream of the crop, in their bank statements anyway. This fact most of us know doesn’t make you a good person. Those who feel oppressed and less than, will always loot from those they see as wealthy and undeserving. Wake up people you can stand up for the innocent yes but don’t destroy those who have made something of themselves. Of course those acting out will never read a blog, never mind written by me, but I hope their families can hold them responsible and call the police when they arrive home with all of that stolen property, they must be held responsible for their actions.

Let’s see if this nasty virus has more twists and turns yet to be seen as so many hit the streets in defiance. I will stay safely in my garden far from nasty reporters with their own networks agenda and pray, pray a lot for those who should be ashamed of their behavior but aren’t.

Stay safe everyone and make your local and city government elections count
by voting in the right people to begin with.

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