June Arrives With A Chill

This morning it is 40F along the coast of NH and snowing on top of MT Washington with a hard freeze for those in our north country. My crops are safe but I am always ready to pull out sheets to save them.

Later this week I will thin.

This year I went with potatoes in the deeper boxes with shallow growing plants above them because I planted so early here in zone 6 bordering 5 at times I tried a few different methods having plenty of seed and time to replant if I was not successful.

Everbearing Strawberries

The Chives are ready and soon the Strawberries will be ready. Pea Pods will join in as well as all of my lettuce varieties, radishes and kale that over wintered in my raised beds. I can make yummy salads using all of these ingredients.

I am having a serious uptick in wild creatures from groundhogs destroying my land to so many chipmunks I feel we will have a year like we did in the recent past with gray squirrels and I have them running through my gardens constantly so time to add poultry netting around the whole fenced in area or I will have no crop for us.

Showing how far crops are along in the early growing season in Zone 6
So cute right but so destructive

7 thoughts on “June Arrives With A Chill

  1. Happy June and hope it warms up! We don’t have groundhogs but we do have hares, mice and voles eating flowers and nibbling roots!

    1. I wish I could say coolness will welcome you but today another day close to 90 on NH’s Seacoast but looks like 80’s for the coming week. Maybe we will get lucky and have a gentle seabreeze to dry the humidity. Travel safely they just opened NH beaches for towels and chairs still must not congragate lol we will see how that goes.

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