Blooming Today

school colors
CLARENCE a re-bloomer

I planted these years ago at moms and before she passed she told me to take what I wanted as the house was to be sold.
Frilly Bleeding Heart
Dicentra eximia (Fringed Bleeding Heart

This I bought at a garden club plant sale last year and boy it must have loved where I placed it.
My 20 year old Bleeding Heart
Dicentra spectabilis

This one I placed out front when I moved back to my home after having to leave for 8 months.

For those on Facebook you can find me at Folsom Mill Studio to see more photos of the yard from today. Don’t forget to say hello!

2 thoughts on “Blooming Today

    1. Thank you I take two hundred shots a day on average and so hard to pick which ones to share 🙂

      I am a homeowner who was on the road 16+ hours a day and then had so many huge trees(white Pines) taken down and garbage material placed back in after the good sand was removed so little by little I have been trying to add good trees and berry bearing bushes for the wild ones. Lower acreage is either lush or under water which is maddening to see it happen over and over due to the state dam bureau. Then the beavers which I have had my fill of so I can only do things on a half acre of my land so it is where I place my efforts the wild birds take most of the stress away 🙂 I love the Bleeding Hearts now I have enough to divide and conquer. Have a wonderful week ahead hope storms were not bad for you we got rain but not enough to water my veggies.

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