Growing Once Again

My garden is in and growing nicely weeks before our chance of a final frost because our weather has been far from normal I had to attempt it as most seeds take 7+ days to germinate and some herbs came back nicely as well as my lettuce and kale who knew.

Lemon Balm

Chives, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Dill are all back and many mints you know about mint right?

I was gifted Strawberry plants last fall Everbearing variety and here in NH June is Strawberry season and they are all in flower right on time even with all of our rain.


Yes Spring has sprung this week the rains have stopped and the temperatures are on the rise. I even put 3 young tomato plants into their raised bed and for the first time I am trying to grow potatoes fingers crossed.

Have a wonderful day!

13 thoughts on “Growing Once Again

  1. Pretty photos. I haven’t been brave enough to plant my tomato seedlings outdoors yet, but the day will come shortly, I hope!

    1. Mine came from a green house so I sat them outside for a few days in the sun and wind brought them in at night then tucked them in 🙂 I need another Cherry for just outside the back door for quick snacks 🙂

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