Blossoms Taking Over

Fruit trees are opening, bees have arrived and the garden gets completed this week with hopefully the last of our killing frosts behind us until November.

Crabapple Blossoms in New Hampshire

Spring is a time for rejoicing with all the beautiful smells and sounds which I hear a lot more of now that the traffic has been cut 80% with this virus so yes there is a silver lining to this we just have to open our eyes and ears.

Pansies with a Bumble Bee Flyover

13 thoughts on “Blossoms Taking Over

  1. We have irises blooming, and the peonies are starting to open. In this area, peonies are closely associated with Memorial Day since that’s when they always bloom. I’ve got some lobelia planted, and I’ve put out herbs, but we keep having cold weather! Last weekend was yet another frost warning. It should warm up this week, so hopefully I can get more out in our garden.

    1. My oldest Peony is so tall with all of our rains I can not wait for her to bud up and open but first the Lilacs must and I can not wait.

      1. Ooh, lilacs! We would love to have lilacs. At our last home, we tried to put in some lilac bushes, but something ate them before they even got started. I think it was rabbits that got them. As soon as we moved to our new home, I went online and requested catalogs from Burpee and Gurney since we’d fallen off their mailing list before. It’s been 6 weeks, and I still haven’t received either one! I don’t plan to do a lot this year, but I want to sketch out landscaping ideas for next year. We have about 1/2 acre here which is much more than we had before. We hope to bring some of our blackberries from the old house to try to start here, and same with our strawberries. Now that the weather is finally warming up, maybe I can get a few things planted!

      2. Have fun gardening is so much fun I am a garden club president of the smallest club in NH but we make spots in our town so pretty it is so worth it.

      3. Oh, that sounds so rewarding! Does your community also manage any sort of community vegetable garden? Our town (population approximately 10,000) has a community garden. We’ve driven by and seen it, but I’m not sure how it works. I just wish we could get the grandkids interested in growing things. We did plant green beans with 2 grandsons last year. Those beans grow so fast! But then neither was too interested in snapping beans with grandma. And eating them? Out of the question for those boys. They don’t know what they’re missing!

      4. I know right I remember me with grandma on her porch in western PA 😦 I have no one to share it with but fellow gardeners here in our clubs but I must say just the 6 areas we place beautiful flowers have turned our town around. No veggie gardens but so many started one for the first time with being home and hardly any food in the stores due to hoarding that was allowed for so long before being stopped.

  2. Oh, I also wanted to mention that we have an apricot tree here in our new home! When it bloomed recently, we weren’t sure what it was — other than a fruit tree of some sort. Our neighbor (an active 90-year-old woman who gardens a lot) came over and told us that it was an apricot tree. She said it produced a good quantity last year. Here’s hoping we’ll get fruit this summer. I love apricots!

    1. I know right I have mowed 2x’s but have no neighbors but the fire I had last night was smoky as so much of it was wet from the prior nights onslaught of heavy rains.

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