My Summer Crew

Was not too happy with the cold winds blowing 50 mph with snow and ice pellets to boot falling from the sky.

Yes May 9th and it was crazy New England weather on tap for all the birds who travel from so far away to raise their young at my place.

I swapped out one of my jars of grape jelly for a cup of sugar water for this Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker pictured above. He had such a hard time holding on to get some nourishment, I felt awful and did what I thought would help and plugged in the heated bath for all of them, Hung up a huge hunk of beef fat and tossed some grapes into a suet feeder and sliced some oranges up for them all. I guess I need something to do while under house arrest.

Hoping you are all staying healthy.

Hang on baby!

9 thoughts on “My Summer Crew

  1. At least you have entertainment and something to keep you busy while staying at home! Lovely photos Eunice. Hope you get some warmer weather soon!

  2. We were used to May blizzards (we used to live on the Palmer Divide in Colorado). Not fun, but they didn’t last long.

    The suet is more of a help than the sugar water (I imagine). I wonder if the woodpecker was feasting on the bugs on the feeder?

    1. No gobbling down ffruit and sugar water no bugs as I am fanatical about keeping them clean lol

      We used to get nailed with snow now it is the dam wind 😦

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