Freshly Caught

While scrubbing windows and screens all morning I grabbed my camera and a glass of water now being safely off the ladders and took a break.

Never could I image I would be riveted by this beauty flying overhead with what I thought was a snake and praying it did not drop it.

This is a quick video I added to YouTube so you could see what I see 🙂

With game cameras going up this weekend I hope to share a lot more short clips for others to see.

So the bird is an Osprey and the fish I believe is a Carp. I can tell you it was eaten with precision and not a drop wasted.


9 thoughts on “Freshly Caught

    1. Wild to sit with I am not usually into the gory stuff but it was beautiful to watch every last drop be consumed and then off it went.

    1. Me too I was shocked I even watched but he was intent on getting his meal.

      I use a cheap Nikon no interchangleable lenses and I was 30 yds away give or take.

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