Feeders Are Up

It is that time of the year we here in New England take 1 cup of sugar and 4 cups of water and simmer it on our stoves as we wait in anticipation for our hungry travelers, yes that’s right our sweet, tiny, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are on their way to raise their young in our backyards.

Of course there will also be others who are traveling long distances to see us again as my Baltimore Orioles, Gray Catbirds and Rose Breasts will be on their heels. I have a few cute Warblers who have started liking the digs here so maybe just maybe their song will fill the air along with our peepers.

The lake shut their dam so I now have just 5 inches of water in my yard but as of late I have seen more than a few birds bathe there so it has reminded me of what is really import about this land. Long after I am gone wildlife will carry on.

How are you all doing? This virus just goes on an on we really need it to end so life can once again regain some normalcy. We are some of the luckier ones right now being retired and having taken our trip before Christmas to VA Beach and are used to staying close to home so our only inconvenience beside shopping in stores with so many empty shelves is our inability to see our doctors for follow-ups and testing. They are needed for the very sick right now then they will need to rest themselves lord knows for many now stuck working from home never get out of their pajamas unless to shop well even then I see PJs worn in stores.

For those out of work I hope your boss is taking good care of you and if not then I hope you find a wonderful job after who knows maybe you learned more skills during these 6+ weeks to land a better one. Stay positive and smile
it could be so much worse. Hang your feeders up!


8 thoughts on “Feeders Are Up

    1. I usually add the sugar water feeders to my apple tree as it leafs out early. and change and scrub it often.

      This year I placed 4 x 4 posts up with plant hangers attached to hang flowers and their feeders on this time they will see sun from 10 am untill noon then again early evening. So mostly on my southern side but I have huge Shag Bark Hickory and White Pines adding some shade. They love it in the open in sunny locations but with all the hawks I have been working to add an understory of bushes for them to dart into.

  1. Great message and photos too Eunice. The wildlife is oblivious to the crisis and will keep us focussed I am sure. 😃

    1. Thanks we have wildlife loving the fact we are mostly off the roads I fear from them as the speeding cars and trucks return to life as it was in January 😦

  2. I’ve just seen the catbirds in the last week or two here in NJ. It’s been an unusually cool Spring. The catbird seems to remember our friendliness from last year and is often quite near as I work in the gardens.

    1. Mine arrived and do the same thing along with Hummers and Orioles so happy they are here but today 50 mph winds and temps in the 30’s with snow 😦 gave them lots of xtras to keep them full.

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