Spring Weather Today

Good Morning From NH
How are you all doing during our trying times?

All we can do is stay healthy and try to eat right, exercise and maybe shut the TV off now and get some fresh air.

I know many are scared and we should be considering how this all began. watching the news and the death totals go up nightly will not make you feel better.

Call your friends and family and if proficient with electronics stay in touch
that way just don’t isolate yourself so much you make yourself sick from fear.
I see it in elderly friends and being apart I can not help like taking them for a simple ride as it is not safe to do so yet.

Take care of yourselves.

8 thoughts on “Spring Weather Today

    1. It was wonderful to be outside all day I hope you got to enjoy it I see 6 more days ahead that will hold more rain. 😦 Stay well.

  1. Even though social distancing, inconveniences and fear feel threatening, I remind myself of those who are truly suffering, and realize how blessed I truly am that I am well, can work outside in the yard and take walks. Keep your face to the sun, Eunice!

    1. Amen I feel the same way. I know it is hard with some being without work or food, our shelves in our area usually have not much to offer so I grab a tub of greans/lettuce, boxes of stock I add frozen veggies to but mind you there is plenty of junk food on their shelves 😦 I hope this has been eye-opening to many much younger than I. Stay safe Eliza.

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